Translation of nark in Spanish:


soplón, n.

Pronunciation /nɑːk//nɑrk/


also copper's nark
informal, dated

  • 1

    soplón masculine informal
    soplona feminine informal
    • I wonder if the Canadian police could consider invoicing narks directly?
    • Then the copper whips off a little advert looking for narks to come forward over this purely political offence.
    • Dick Turpin is no coppers' nark so have the courage of your convictions to stand and deliver your reasons.
    • Reluctant nark Adriana is forced to turn to an FBI agent for company.
    • Not that the Chancellor is short of narks in this part of the world.
    • The opprobrium that once attached to informers, snitches, snouts, shoppers and narks in all walks of life no longer exists.
    • Most of the narks and whingers have actually left Sydney.

transitive verb


  • 1

    cabrear informal
    encabronar Mexico Spain vulgar slang
    to get narked cabrearse informal
    • Also I am narked by the fact that they didn't seem to put too much effort into clearing out my room to make space for my stuff, so I have about half a wardrobe and just no space.
    • I've been narked off with studio trailers for years.
    • Am most narked at lack of wireless stuff going on here.
    • Divers even pick up these dozy little sharks, but if you do that you will find yourself with a suddenly alert fish that is probably a bit narked at being disturbed.
    • This narked a few people, including his apparently unpaid vet and a group who claimed that the animals on his ranch were being treated cruelly.
    • This accolade was accompanied by the wonderful spectacle of dweeby scientists getting narked because they invent everything yet remain unloved and unglamorous.
    • I'd put in eight weeks of training, but the controversy has narked me a bit.
    • This lay-off still narks him, and he grumbles before saying it has been ‘forgotten’.
    • So, well done, your girlfriend, for finding a humorous card that actually did the trick - and I'm not at all surprised that she's narked that you just chucked it out.
    • Young lady also proceeded to nark me by fidgeting continuously.
    • At that point I had yet to meet an atheist who wasn't narked by the whole thing.
    • I'm a bit narked the Boro game was called off on Wednesday.
    • Now turned 70, he says he passes for mid-50s and is narked that I've pointed out a stiffness in his gait.
    • All this has got the genuine aromatherapists a bit narked.
    • I was afraid they might have been a bit narked that we didn't tell them
    • Reviewers, for instance, were narked that the special effects were not all that special.
    • There were still narked at what the weather had done to their tracks and overhead cables and were holding up the commuters.
    • I know what's ‘got into her’ - she's narked about what we said regarding Talos.
    • ‘Well it's nothing I've cultivated,’ he says, a bit narked.
    • After a few moments the problem was obvious and proved that the 1996 team hadn't been totally narked when they reported that the rigging was still upright and intact.