Translation of nark in Spanish:


soplón, n.

Pronunciation: /nɑːk//nɑrk/


  • 1Britishdated, informal

    soplón masculine informal
    soplona feminine informal

transitive verb

  • 1Britishinformal

    cabrear informal
    encabronar Mexico Spain vulgar slang
    to get narked cabrearse informal
    • Dick Turpin is no coppers' nark so have the courage of your convictions to stand and deliver your reasons.
    • The opprobrium that once attached to informers, snitches, snouts, shoppers and narks in all walks of life no longer exists.
    • Then the copper whips off a little advert looking for narks to come forward over this purely political offence.
    • Not that the Chancellor is short of narks in this part of the world.
    • Reluctant nark Adriana is forced to turn to an FBI agent for company.
    • Most of the narks and whingers have actually left Sydney.
    • I wonder if the Canadian police could consider invoicing narks directly?