Translation of natch in Spanish:


por supuesto, adv.

Pronunciation /natʃ//nætʃ/



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    por supuesto
    well, natch I didn't believe a word bueno, por supuesto no le creí ni una palabra
    • While my recovery is down to drugs, natch, it has been much assisted also not only by my dawgs, of course, but also the world's greatest sofas, praised elsewhere in this blog but here photographed for the first time.
    • I've left my fingers - with dirty fingernails, natch - in the shot for scale.
    • She was wearing the requisite head set, natch, and her breath control was amazing.
    • Here's the pitch from an email sent to list subscribers (accompanied, natch, by a photograph of a sultry lass).
    • Opening such messages results in yet more junk, natch, thanks to information gleaned through the hidden tracking codes.
    • He seemed to get on with my son though - and to be fair, John is an absolute natch in front of the camera.
    • Other than that, I am completely psychologically healthy, natch.
    • I agree, natch, with the concept that good creative talents should be left alone to create.
    • Scott kept the originals for himself, natch, but was nice enough to give me the stats.
    • There is the feedback/communication issue, natch.
    • Gorgeous, there's no other word for it - and all experienced while listening to my chosen soundtrack of rustic acoustic pop from Norway, natch.
    • The best music is in the hearts of the people, natch.
    • They had, in fact, all gone to the same high school - Bev Hills High, natch - although they didn't know each other at the time.
    • Little wonder we're so zealous, when is there is so very much to love about it - on a purely objective basis, natch.
    • The tension was thick as the teams were bubbling with competitiveness, but all under the pretence of fun, natch.
    • My bank statement - online, natch - has turned in a documentation of online shopping.
    • So when I moved to New York, I fully intended to live somewhere edgy - white, middle class edgy, natch - despite my pinko liberal ideals, I'm not brave enough for the Bronx.
    • I've bought some turnip seeds (some rare heritage variety, natch…) and intend to grow turnips until they're coming out of my ears.
    • So, natch, both seized on that old standby issue to which political and religious reactionaries have recourse when things are going badly for them: gay bashing.
    • There's snogging aplenty, natch, but something deeper is afoot here, depending on who you listen to.