Translation of national bank in Spanish:

national bank

banco estatal, n.



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    banco estatal masculine
    banco nacional masculine
    • If the banking system waits for foreign national banks to pull the plug, the impact will be sudden and catastrophic.
    • Of course national banks cannot file for bankruptcy.
    • In Serbia 1992 the national bank issued single bank notes of 500 billion Serbian dinars.
    • A supporter of the Glorious Revolution, he was engaged during the Nine Years War in government finance and pressed upon the government the establishment of a national bank to help finance the war.
    • These national banks could control the issuing of paper money, and thus keep inflation in check.
    • European governments have been especially protective of their national banks.
    • Nor did the timing come as a shock following announcements the previous day by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the national banks of Switzerland, Sweden and Canada that they were making borrowing cheaper.
    • One of the main challenges for the European Central Bank and the national banks of the member states is to track down funds used by organised criminal groups and terrorist organisations.
    • According to the agency's press release, it remains the only Bulgarian commercial bank with a credit rating equal to that of the national bank.
    • The relevant model is provided by the European System of Central Banks, which is composed of the European Central Bank and of the national banks of the member states.
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    (in US)

    banco que opera según las normas del Federal Reserve System