Translation of national curriculum in Spanish:

national curriculum


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    (in UK)
    the national curriculum el plan de estudios oficial de las escuelas de enseñanza pública de Inglaterra y el país de Gales
    • The national curricula in England and Singapore give specific direction to education.
    • The issue needs to be separated into whether or not we have national standards vs. a national curriculum.
    • But perhaps other religious schools try to follow the national curriculum and standards more.
    • She called for the lessons to be made as part of the national curriculum, alongside sex education and other social skills classes.
    • They invite me to talk about God because under the national curriculum religious education classes must include the teaching of comparative religion.
    • Most mainstream schools in the UK follow a national curriculum, teaching A Levels and the relatively new AS Level.
    • Religious education is not part of the national curriculum but by law all schools have to provide it.
    • All areas of education, including the national curriculum, have been honed to fit into the government's privatisation schema.
    • These sessions aimed to raise the awareness of water safety as part of the national curriculum to primary school teachers.
    • The national curriculum requires schools to teach evolution but does not ban them from teaching creationism as well.
    • Through the national curriculum, the government achieved uniformity of lesson content.
    • ‘At last we will have a national curriculum for healthy bodies as well as a national curriculum for their minds,’ she said.
    • It is here that the national curriculum and support materials for all the subjects are developed.
    • Home educators do not have to follow the national curriculum or to have teaching qualifications.
    • The tests must cover the national curriculum, but are developed locally.
    • The gallery is regularly packed with fascinated schoolchildren now that the subject has been put on the national curriculum for primary schools.
    • You've heard of the national curriculum, but do you know what's in it?
    • Our client should be attending a mainstream school which teaches the national curriculum since he is due to begin his GCSE course as he is 14 years of age.
    • The ban on computers breaches national curriculum requirements designed to ensure students are prepared for a world of technology.
    • Plans are also underway for a small animal farm where children can learn about animal care through a structured programme based around the national curriculum.