Translation of National Insurance in Spanish:

National Insurance

Seguridad Social, n.


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    (in UK)
    Seguridad Social feminine
    before noun National Insurance contributions cotizaciones a la Seguridad Social feminine Spain
    • National Insurance number número de la Seguridad Social
    • The new formula will be based on a simple percentage of income, net of tax, National Insurance and pension contributions.
    • They, in turn, now receive pensions funded by the National Insurance contributions of their children.
    • You can also see how the National Insurance rebates are calculated in this Inland Revenue leaflet.
    • Kathryn thinks that Governments have been plundering the National Insurance fund, and should have invested it.
    • Younger people could opt out of National Insurance payments on condition they provide for their pensions in the private sector.
    • If you find that you are behind in your National Insurance contributions you can pay to make up the shortfall.
    • It will provide National Insurance and income tax relief on the first £50 of childcare vouchers paid to a working parent.
    • A contact has advised me it may be possible to defer payment of our National Insurance until the end of the year.
    • And, besides, don't we do that already via our National Insurance contributions?
    • I also took along my P45, final payslip and exit letter given to me by my ex-employer, plus my National Insurance number.
    • If you're in a company scheme then both you and your employer will pay lower National Insurance contributions instead.
    • She may be given a new name, a new home, a new National Insurance number and social security documents as well as a false history constructed by experts.
    • Flick over and settle down to some sport and you can bet your National Insurance payments for a year that the Government will still be there to spin some message or other.
    • But little has been said about using the National Insurance system.
    • Consider whether or not to top up any missing year's National Insurance payments.
    • A new system for Air Traffic Control is years behind schedule and way over budget, as is a National Insurance system.
    • It is admitted that some of this will go on teachers' pensions and the National Insurance increase.
    • It seems that the Chancellor will fund the extra NHS spending by tinkering with the National Insurance system.
    • The tax was designed to crack down on people who were avoiding tax and National Insurance payments by operating through a personal company.
    • A rise in employers' pension and National Insurance contributions will further strain funds.