Translation of naturalist in Spanish:


naturalista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnætʃ(ə)rələst//ˈnatʃ(ə)rəlɪst/


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    naturalista feminine
    • For naturalists, Bermuda is lush and alive with natural splendor.
    • French agricultural naturalists, whose perspective was both continental and philosophic, treated the British inquiry with careful condescension.
    • No wonder, too, that conservationists and naturalists are horrified by plans to build an airport here.
    • So I spent a lot of time on the water and learned a lot about marine biology from the naturalist on the whale-watching boat.
    • Local naturalists also say they have noticed an increased diversity of wildlife using the site.
    • Some nineteenth-century naturalists denied that animals possessed any mental qualities besides instincts.
    • To help do this, the event organizers have recruited naturalists and scientists with expertise in various animal and plant groups to lead teams of volunteers through the park and identify what is there.
    • On this year's Antarctic cruises, for example, the onboard team includes scientists, naturalists and explorers, led by respected naturalist Nigel Sitwell.
    • In the past, naturalists relied on structural characteristics to determine the evolutionary relationships.
    • At 22,000 feet, a naturalist on the next expedition discovered Earth's highest permanent residents.
    • Yet it is worth recalling that modern evolutionary biology was founded when a young naturalist - a creationist at the time - was struck by three puzzling patterns in nature.
    • Virginia, as she was known, was an amateur naturalist with an active interest in marine biology.
    • ‘It speaks very highly of native naturalists and the value of traditional knowledge,’ he added.
    • The Natural History Museum is also recruiting amateur naturalists to gather data on a range of other threatened wildlife.
    • Recently I ran through the Amazonian rainforest in the company of a French naturalist.
    • Ornithologists and naturalists, including the renowned nineteenth-century illustrator John Gould, originally classified male and female huias as two different species.
    • This idea is based on the incorrect interpretations of early naturalists who attributed perceived behaviors of vampire bats in South America to that of bats in other countries.
    • Our evenings will be spent participating in discussions with local naturalists and environmental activists.
    • But he has been a professional biologist for a good forty years and a naturalist since childhood.


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    (writer/painter) naturalista
    • The ultimate goal is to replace naturalist science with spiritualist thinking.
    • The Egyptian magicians were able to duplicate the first three signs Moses performed although not necessarily by naturalist methods only.
    • This extract can be taken as an example of Zola's naturalist style: realism taken to the point of nausea.
    • Carrà, Soffici, and Ottone Rosai contributed to the Strapaese circle with landscapes and genre painting rendered in a conservative, naturalist idiom.
    • What initially interested you in the naturalist film style?
    • One speculation I make in the book is that our current consumer culture may be based upon the naturalist intelligence.
    • This was a challenge to the dominant, naturalist conventions of his day, where characters in drama represented specific social types without contradiction, predetermined and easily recognisable.
    • Nevertheless, such a logic fully brings out the absurd implications of the feminist and naturalist accounts.
    • But that, again, is a triumph of naturalist ideology over common sense.
    • The naturalist animation style used in Perfect Blue almost makes it seem like a live-action movie.
    • Theories that think that the natural and the social worlds are the same are known as naturalist theories.