Translation of nature in Spanish:


naturaleza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈneɪtʃər//ˈneɪtʃə/


  • 1

    (universe, way of things)
    naturaleza feminine
    the laws of nature las leyes de la naturaleza
    • it's nature's way of telling you you're overdoing it es la forma que tiene el organismo de decirte que te estás excediendo
    • the beauties of nature los encantos de la naturaleza
    • one of nature's gentlemen un caballero por naturaleza
    • to return to nature regresar / volver a la naturaleza
    • to paint from nature pintar del natural
    • before noun nature conservation conservación de la naturaleza
    • For humanists, the highest value is intelligent coexistence between humans and nature.
    • I took a lot of pictures during my walk through that Maine nature preserve.
    • It is changing much about the very nature of human society itself.
    • As a nation, America knows that democracy, by its very nature can not be forced.
    • They worked to transform part of the school grounds into a garden where children will be able to grow plants and study nature.
    • Yes, what he did to us was very personal in nature and so it was only logical that my response would be equally personal.
    • Stark warnings and a constant bombardment of information on the fragile nature of Earth's environment surround us on a weekly basis.
    • The story illustrates the true nature of the relationship between journalists and the police.
    • Our experience in conflicts over the past decade has revealed the changing nature of warfare.
    • It boasted of the clean and long-lasting nature of the product.
    • As a nature lover, you'll totally dig a woodsy or musky fragrance.
    • In this understanding, the split between humans and nature is sealed by technology.
    • Handy's work examines the changing nature of work, working life and of organisations.
    • Ongoing research is now directed toward understanding the precise nature of these intermolecular forces.
    • Her husband's illness and her father's death have underlined the unpredictable nature of human existence.
    • All three names were derived from the shape of the flower, but none warned of the plant's deadly nature.
    • I would then move into a discussion of the biological nature of the human body.
    • It was also due to the physical conditions of the country and the nature of the war itself.
    • Given the vital nature of such work why stop at free parking passes?
    • A commemorative plaque will be placed at the nature reserve at a later date.
    • Keeping a good balance is the only way that humans and nature can coexist.
    • I really had the capacity to know and learn about plants and growing and nature.
    • A preliminary archaeological study has been completed to determine the exact nature of this site.
    • The picturesque nature of many of the pieces is a great stimulus to the imagination.
    • I just want to make a remark of a more personal nature about my work.
    • Humans are encroaching on nature, but we can be more mindful of our impact when enjoying summer wilderness.
    • Religions are moving from a primarily human focus to include concerns for nature and all creation.
    • Noise, pollution and grimaces tend to undo any good that nature has done.
    • "Our equipment is merely reflecting the changing nature of society and allowing people to live their lives more easily.
    • The walk provides an excellent opportunity to develop a nature trail in the town.
    • The floods in Britain in autumn 2000 were blamed on man's arrogance and human interference in nature.
    • Residents and the local authority said they are not opposed to a nature reserve.
    • His piece highlights the fickle nature of Australian politics.
    • Incidentally, the nature reserve is likely to be destroyed by the building process.
    • It is from him that I gained my love of nature, my creative streak and my eye for detail.
    • What he tells us is that migrants change the nature of a country.
    • Further study is necessary to elucidate the precise nature of the relationship between media exposure and cognitive development.
    • Examples of National Parks worldwide demonstrate that nature conservation does not mean excluding people.
    • It is a metaphysical experience based on the interconnectedness of nature and humans.
    • Both men have difficulty defining the exact nature of their relationship.
    • The complaints of alleged defamation are personal and political in nature.
    • Carson's hostility to increasing human control over nature is expressed in many different ways by her successors.
    • My partner is a park ranger so we actually live on a nature preserve.
  • 2

    • 2.1(of people)

      carácter masculine
      natural masculine
      he has a kind nature es de natural bondadoso
      • it's not (in) his nature to complain no es de los que se quejan
      • it's (in) her nature to be generous es generosa por naturaleza
      • by nature por naturaleza
      • The root cause is not so much the drugs trade, as the malignant rat-like nature of the human race.
      • It has been suggested that the basic nature of social workers prevents them from performing effectively.
      • You said yourself that it was in my personality and nature to be sarcastic.
      • No matter how far they run, the characters can never escape their essential natures.
      • Of course, it's very difficult to disentangle children's basic natures from what adults have taught them.
      • Taking such risks is an obligation that our nature as humans imposes on us.
      • No slug has ever harmed, offended, or otherwise done ill to me and it's in their nature to eat plants.
      • By nature, alligators are shy and reclusive, and are typically wary of humans.
      • By nature, I'm a little bit of a loner and I don't open up myself to people that easily when I meet them for the first time.
      • Wilson thinks those imperfections of character are essential to our nature.
      • By nature, every individual seeks to prove himself as a useful person in his or her society.
      • By nature, I'm not an impulsive person so you can see why he was so surprised.
      • By nature I'm definitely a spender, but I'm trying to force myself to be a saver instead.
      • I don't expect cats to be free of the wild instinct that's an essential part of their nature.
      • His obsessive nature saw him force actors to repeat scenes endlessly in his films as he strove for perfection.
      • Man's nature in some basic ways is also not mutable.
      • By nature, a lot of us are selfish opportunists who tend to pay a lot more mind to something when a treat is guaranteed.
      • By nature generous, Matt sometimes paid for his friends' drinks when they had no money.
      • It is also a thought-provoking examination of the animal nature of humans and at what point a punishment should fit a crime.
      • For example, animals by nature do not have an odd number of feet.
      • My strongest belief is that such a trait is ingrained into our nature as human beings.

    • 2.2(of things, concepts)

      naturaleza feminine
      the nature of the material/problem la naturaleza del material/problema
      • questions of a very different nature cuestiones de naturaleza muy diferente
      • the new body is consultative in nature el nuevo organismo es de carácter consultivo
      • what was the nature of his response? ¿de qué índole fue su respuesta?
      • it's in the nature of things that … es algo natural que …
      • something of that nature algo de esa índole