Translation of nauseate in Spanish:


asquear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈnɔːzɪeɪt//ˈnɔːsɪeɪt//ˈnɔʒiˌeɪt//ˈnɔziˌeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1informal

    I was nauseated by it me asqueó
    • It nauseates me to see people running after magic pills, worthless dietary supplements, and fad diets.
    • ‘Good morning Thomas,’ she said with a flirtatious overtone that both surprised and nauseated Esther.
    • They are also portrayed as stupidly happy, unaware of how absolutely nauseating their viewpoints are.
    • Should we be nauseated by people of the older generation expressing their affection?
    • I watched a man in tight leather shorts slapping his backside to the cheering crowds and felt nauseated by the sleaziness of it all.
    • Rarely has there been a more nauseating sight in a Scottish newspaper.
    • Little kids will enjoy the pretty pictures and chortle over the cute Terk - actually a pretty nauseating character.
    • Politicians and papers responded to the documentary with nauseating hypocrisy.
    • The level of ignorance and intolerance that I saw expressed by my own classmates was enough for me to be nauseated.
    • The secret bombing raids were given nauseating code names like ‘Operation Breakfast’.
    • The born-again Christian experience and the corporate experience both nauseate me.
    • The idea that you go to heaven if you blow up innocent people is nauseating.
    • More nauseating statistics can be found at the Boston Globe.
    • They have a nearly perfect relationship, which often nauseates their friends, and they are also deeply religious.
    • I want to be informed, entertained and thrilled by these pioneers, not bored and nauseated by mawkish and self-regarding metaphors.
    • The modern fashion for celebrities ‘having a go’ at other activities is one of the more nauseating developments of the television age.
    • The play is just a painful series of really nauseating tuneless songs, one after the other.
    • Do you have any idea how nauseating your ‘fashion statement’ is?
    • One of the most nauseating sights in sport is when a politician suddenly appears on the scene and basks in the limelight of a victorious team.
    • I can't help but feel nauseated by this latest piece of pre-election marketing.
  • 2

    the sight of the food nauseated me me dieron náuseas de solo ver la comida
    • We had headaches from the smell, and I was so nauseated the last night that I couldn't even eat my dinner.
    • When I wake up I'm slightly nauseated, my toes are numb, and I have no idea what day it is.
    • He had shaggy black hair, yellowed teeth and foul, nauseating breath.
    • We have our food packs, but the sight of food nauseated me and I could not force myself to put it in my mouth.
    • The sick smell emanating from his cigar nauseated Hannah.
    • Dustin's pulse roared through his ears and nauseating spurts of adrenaline coursed through his veins.
    • He was nauseated, short of breath, dizzy and drenched in perspiration.
    • Of course, quit exercising if you're dizzy or nauseated, start sweating heavily, or feel so weak and wobbly that you can't maintain your form.
    • My gut was aching, I was nauseated and I felt feverish last night… couldn't you tell?
    • We had a special yearning to give them something precious, even though, looking back, it must have been one nauseating meal.
    • David had to look away from the screen to pacify the faint nauseating feeling that was rising from his stomach.
    • It doesn't hurt but you feel nauseated the week after so that even cranberry juice makes you feel sick because it's the same colour as the medication.
    • They had to weave their way carefully through fragrant, stained, whimpering partygoers and paramedics who were beginning to look a bit nauseated themselves.
    • Rims was nauseated and ready to fall over and sleep.
    • I wanted to get up and go for a run, but I had a faint headache that was nonetheless making me feel fairly queasy and nauseated.
    • At once they were nauseated and began vomiting, and they retched the whole day’.
    • Imagine the most nauseating roller coaster on earth.
    • Throughout the next day, Olivia was still nauseated and hurting, and she received another shot of meperidine.
    • Delores herself won't eat it, because she's a vegetarian, and the minute the bacon finishes burning, she will become instantly nauseated by the sight of it.
    • But on the plane back home, I was nauseated and freezing cold.