Translation of nautical mile in Spanish:

nautical mile

milla marina, n.


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    milla marina feminine
    • The aircraft is a strike aircraft that can go more than twice the speed of sound and fly nearly 6,000 nautical miles unrefueled.
    • My copilot quickly punched in the latitude and longitude, and we turned toward the position, 40 nautical miles away.
    • At 15 knots, her range extends to 5,500 nautical miles.
    • A spokeswoman for the billionaire said the boat sailed an unofficial 505 nautical miles, which will be ratified by the World Speed Sailing Council.
    • At burnout the shuttle has reached an altitude of 24 nautical miles and a velocity of more than 3,000 mph.
    • With 17 days and nights at sea, the competitors in this high sea sprint cover approximately 2000 nautical miles.
    • Why are nautical miles used in aviation rather than statute miles?
    • The nearest land was Indonesia, 110 nautical miles to the north.
    • Boat speed is always measured in knots, which are nautical miles per hour.
    • The distance between Christmas Island and the southern entrance to the Sunda Strait is approximately 240 nautical miles.
    • Ten nautical miles equals around 11.7 land-based miles, the court was told.
    • From here, we returned to our original port of departure at the bustling holiday resort of Phuket, having travelled 566 nautical miles during our week at sea.
    • The distance between Indonesia and Christmas Island is about 210 nautical miles.
    • The second level of defense runs from 50 to 300 nautical miles from the coast.
    • It can fly eight passengers up to 5,700 nautical miles - from Paris to Tokyo, for instance.
    • She is returning from a triumphant circumnavigation of the world in which crew sailed more than 65,000 nautical miles over four years.
    • All distances are in nautical miles and altitudes are mean sea level.
    • Fishing is only permitted 3 nautical miles from the park, and the various park regulations help protect the reef and its inhabitants.
    • ‘For us to track an iceberg it must be at least ten nautical miles long,’ she continued.
    • It's a fighter that covers 10 nautical miles a minute, in other words, 20 kilometers a minute.