Translation of naval academy in Spanish:

naval academy

escuela naval, n.


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    escuela naval feminine
    • It finds that 54.1 percent of females who choose to study at the naval academy make the decision to find other employment.
    • Well, my father and grandfather were both naval officers, naval academy graduates.
    • Since 1967, the naval academy has sent a friendship fleet every year to let graduating cadets practice shipboard combat skills, tactics and navigation.
    • Varna is the largest city on the Black Sea coast and is home to Bulgaria's naval academy, which makes it a youthful and lively city.
    • On 21 April 1862, the Confederate Congress passed an act to establish a naval academy for midshipmen.
    • The most important of these was the establishment of a permanent naval academy for the education and training of young officers.
    • Yusaku spent the last years of the war in the naval academy and entered the university after the war ended.
    • There was the time when he taught at the naval academy.
    • He joined the naval academy at Etajima and passed out in 1904, just in time to participate in the Russo-Japanese war which had begun that February.
    • He returned to the classroom, first as a professor at the academy, then as a master's degree candidate at the highest level naval academy in the former Soviet Union.