Translation of Neapolitan in Spanish:


napolitano, adj.

Pronunciation /nɪəˈpɒlɪt(ə)n//ˌniəˈpɑlətn/


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    Neapolitan ice cream helado de fresa, vainilla y chocolate masculine
    • When Bajazet was created in Verona in 1735, Neapolitan opera had dethroned the almighty Venetian opera.
    • In Vento di Terra, a film by Italian director Vincenzo Marra, tragedy after tragedy is heaped upon Vincenzo, a Neapolitan teenager who is the central character.
    • In Genoa they like Ligurian paintings, in Naples, Neapolitan paintings.
    • In the London National Gallery version, probably by a Neapolitan imitator of Caravaggio, Salome looks away with furtive pleasure.
    • After an exciting round of auditions, twenty youngsters were chosen to perform alongside the Italian children from several Neapolitan schools and they began daily rehearsals which went on for almost three weeks.
    • Growing up in the Neapolitan sunshine, by the age of 13 he got behind his first drum kit which he played for years before buying and playing records.
    • He now says the money originated from Diego Attanasio, a Neapolitan shipping magnate, who was also a client.
    • On the basis of his profound connoisseurship of Neapolitan painting, the author outlines Ribera's dominant role in the city but also makes clear his relationships with other painters.
    • The conservationist said: ‘The biggest one is a one-year-old Neapolitan mastiff called Matisse.’
    • In May 1860 Garibaldi led an expedition of 1,000 ill-armed volunteers from the north to Sicily to support a Sicilian insurrection against Neapolitan rule.
    • A genuine Neapolitan pizza is round and no more than 35 cm across.
    • Naples and Neapolitan cookery, with dialect terms, were featured again by Cavalcanti, who can be regarded as the first regional cookery writer of Italy.
    • There is, in fact, a tradition in Naples that the Neapolitan system of swordplay contains some Spanish elements.
    • They all offer Neapolitan specialities such as spaghetti alle vongole and pasta e fagioli.
    • As usual in his Neapolitan operas, there are also splendid opportunities for rival tenors.
    • Fort is very funny about the Neapolitan traffic: ‘When a man has ridden a scooter in Naples, he does not need to boast.’
    • This Neapolitan gem has been expanded hugely in the past year, but has lost none of its charm.
    • His hero was promptly rechristened Rodolfo, and Cammarano also argued, to Verdi's annoyance, that the prudish Neapolitan audience would never accept a prince's mistress on stage.
    • Three new breeds join the show this year - the large Black Russian terrier, the lumbering Neapolitan mastiff and the lively Glen of Imaal terrier.
    • In Naples in 1666, the Neapolitan composer Francesco Provenzale customised Cavilli's Statira for the local taste by adding more extended scenes for the comic characters.


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    napolitano masculine
    napolitana feminine
    • A French army led by General Championnet soon expelled the Neapolitans from Rome and marched on Naples.
    • It would take a while to feel comfortable behaving in such a reckless manner as those crazy Neapolitans.
    • Many Neapolitans happily travel for more than an hour to Tenuto Vannulo, the organic farm I visited in Campania, just to buy fresh mozzarella for lunch.
    • His impact was so great that when Italy played Argentina in Naples in the 1990 World Cup semi-final, many Neapolitans supported Argentina.
    • He was able to hold off the combined armies of the French, Austrians, Spanish, and Neapolitans for several weeks.
    • Most Milanese think they have more in common with suede than they do with Neapolitans.
    • The matter was eventually settled out of court, but not before thousands of Neapolitans took to the streets with the now revolutionary chant of ‘Viva Verdi!’
    • In the end it turned into a street battle with over two hundred Neapolitans who the police could only control with heavy reinforcements.
    • In a recent survey, Neapolitans admitted to fearing the local teenagers more than the Mafia.
    • We fought as Piedmontese, as Tuscans, as Neapolitans, as Romans, and not as Italians’.
    • Perhaps this is how Neapolitans learn to drive.
    • Yet by the end of his stay contempt had been replaced by admiration for the ingenuity of the Neapolitans in coping with an impossible situation.
    • Naples itself is best left to the Neapolitans, to the stray dogs that haunt its blighted squares and to the pent-up wrath of Vesuvius.
    • The war has pushed the Neapolitans back into the Middle Ages.