Translation of near in Spanish:


cercano, adj.

Pronunciation: /nɪə//ˈnɪr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in position)

      several of the nearer constellations varias de las constelaciones más cercanas / próximas
      • the nearest store la tienda más cercana
      • these binoculars make everything look very near con estos prismáticos parece que todo está muy cerca
      • In battle, bows were good at a distance, and swords were excellent at a near range.
      • The rest of it is only a few doors down our street, as he is a near neighbour of ours.
      • A bar, and a liquor store were the auto shop's nearest neighbors.
      • IBM officials claimed this number was around four times that of its nearest rival.
      • Our near neighbours came out to offer support and help while those further away came to check what was going on.
      • Once over the top the survivors had a clear view of the building in the near distance.
      • Nothing can be nearer to the truth - or farther from it.
      • The nearest neighbours are some distance away, the emergency services yet further removed.
      • In the very near distance, someone sings, people cheer and utensils unremittingly hit glasses.
      • They proceed to meet each other and engage at a distance of two feet in the near position.
      • Heskey got there first to send a header spinning inside the near post.
      • Although Earth's nearest neighbour, it could not be a more different world.
      • Just to the right of the tall tree, in the near distance, there is a field of sheep.
      • You can't lose 12 points to your nearest challengers and expect to survive.
      • The lads done very well to win by four points against their near neighbours.
      • Wales may be a near neighbour but it has traits and trends that set it well apart from Ireland and neighbouring England.
      • From his map, he knows there is an oasis somewhere in the near distance.
      • For a while, it was so quiet that everyone in the near vicinity could hear the faint wind in the distance.
      • The visitor swore the children weren't near enough to the item to have moved it.
      • Gardens and trees could be seen along the railway and highway, in contrast to the vast desert in the near distance.
      • When he'd killed, he either wasn't near enough or never saw his opponent's eyes.
      • We had a swimming pool while our nearest rivals were still jumping in puddles.
      • When you are out in a boat you will invariably be able to chose features on the bank that you can line up with others in the near or middle distance.
      • The ball bobbled viciously as it approached the near post, but Miller adroitly launched himself into its path.
      • Rudy grabbed him on the shoulder and propelled him towards the nearest fence post.

    • 1.2(in time)

      • That pressure on Canadians to pay for long-term care is likely to get worse rather than better in the near future.
      • A major clean up of Coulter cemetery will take place in the near future.
      • The contract for the upkeep of the scheme has been awarded in recent weeks and it is hoped that work will commence in the near future.
      • Band launching parties are becoming popular, and a viable Mash industry is not unlikely in the near future.
      • At a meeting of this committee recently, some proposals were made and are expected to be carried out in the near future.
      • Added to this, a further four primary schools and five secondary schools are expected to open in the near future.
      • The arrival would coincide with the near completion of the village's new Catholic Church.
      • He said he will raise the issue with the premier in the near future.
      • Her energy and enthusiasm for singing tells me that we can expect good things coming from this Sister in the near future.
      • We are going ahead with that and there will be reserves in the near future.
      • So I guess I'll not be moving any time in the near future after all.
      • He said it was unlikely the decision would be reversed in the near future but could take place in the event of agreement on the talks.
      • Rudin says that a meeting with the judge who controls space allocation in Old City Hall is expected in the near future.
      • There is little hope of all these things happening in the near future.
      • We look forward to having them back playing again in the near future.
      • And turn off your computer, or disconnect its network cable, if you are not planning to go online in the near future.
      • I know my son and I know there will be many questions from him in the near future.
      • In the long term, in the near mid-term, I believe that we are going to have a decrease.
      • However, he insisted the EGM would be going ahead in the near future.
      • The Professor threatens to post again on this topic in the near future.

    • 1.3(in approximation)

      the two shades were very near los dos tonos eran muy parecidos
      • that's the nearest thing to an apology you can expect from him eso es lo más parecido a una disculpa que se puede esperar de él
      • The county council says the lollipop lady had two near misses in 48 hours.
      • A bullock cart, the cause of the near disaster, materialized from the flurry.
      • A family connection is a near guarantee of winning public office - though not always and not to a top post.
      • At the time, no other lender charged anything near that much for closing a mortgage account.
      • A near record start of 21 yachts started on a lovely sunny afternoon for Monday's race with a good southerly wind.
      • It was reported that the hospitals refused to treat the injured until deposits were paid, causing a near riot.
      • It's always a cheap, black pair of shoes, they always last for about two years, they're always replaced by a near replica.
      • In today's physical fitness conscious world, yoga is popular enough to assume a near cult status.
      • The near defeat of the ruling party in the subsequent general election simply intensified their alarm.
      • As the train came to a near stand still, passengers say they heard loud bangs coming from underneath the train.
      • It took as its theme the near destruction by German bombers of the small Basque town of Guernica.
      • The near failure of the monsoon has affected agricultural operations in 11 States.
      • One is tough enough to overcome, but both is a near impossibility.
      • For Roger Barker it was a near miss he said he would never forget.
      • It is a near miracle that the films are as good as they are, rivaling the books for sheer absorptive magic.
      • Durrant leaned in close to his newest acquaintance and spoke in a near whisper.
      • The town grieved endlessly, and could scarcely accept the near absence of children.
      • This is an experimental work devoted to linking words through sound, to the near exclusion of semantics.
      • We'll tell you about a near hit that could have been deadly when we come back.
      • Despite my near despair, I was in my usual seat yesterday afternoon.

    • 1.4(closely related)

      (relative) cercano
      • Many a times, even the near relatives do not reveal the information about the boy's family.
      • So what if the near and dear ones are not able to attend the marriage?
      • In particular it provides for the election of our near cousins - the local body politicians.
      • A near relative is the larger and better-known Chinese water chestnut.
      • Other fossil animals may be assignable to the Vetulicolia or their near relatives.
      • He went a few nights after with his sister to the assembly of a near relation.

  • 2British

    Riding Motor vehicles
    the near front wheel (in UK) la rueda delantera izquierda
  • 3

    there was near panic when the alarms sounded casi se produjo el pánico cuando sonaron las alarmas
    • in a state of near exhaustion prácticamente en estado de agotamiento


  • 1

    (in position)
    I go home for lunch as I live quite near voy a almorzar a casa porque vivo muy cerca
    • I've got a cold, so don't come any nearer estoy resfriado, así que no te (me) acerques
    • don't go any nearer to the edge no te acerques más al borde
    • from near and far de todas partes
  • 2

    (in time)
    your birthday's getting near now se acerca tu cumpleaños
    • we're getting near to Christmas ya falta poco para Navidad
    • we'll have another rehearsal nearer to the actual day haremos otro ensayo cuando estemos más cerca de la fecha
  • 3

    (in approximation)
    it's not exactly the same, but it comes pretty near no es exactamente igual pero se le parece mucho
    • her work is very near to perfect su trabajo es casi perfecto
    • the total will be nearer to $1,000 than $500 el total va a estar más cerca de 1.000 que de 500 dólares
    • this is the nearest to what you want esto es lo más parecido a lo que tú quieres
  • 4

    (on the verge of)
    near to sth/ -ing
    • she was near to tears estaba al borde de las lágrimas / a punto de echarse a llorar
    • management and unions are near to an agreement la empresa y los sindicatos están a punto de llegar a un acuerdo
    • I came very near to hitting him por poco le pego
  • 5

    are you anywhere near finished? ¿te falta poco para terminar?
    • that's nowhere near enough con eso no alcanza, ni mucho menos
    • are you ready? — nowhere near! ¿estás listo? — ¡ni soñar!
    • it'll cost $1,000, near enough costará 1.000 dólares, o por ahí
    • it's near enough complete now ya está casi / prácticamente terminado


  • 1

    (in position)
    cerca de
    I live near the station vivo cerca de la estación
    • the room nearest the entrance la habitación que está más cerca de la entrada
    • don't go too near the fire no te acerques demasiado al fuego
    • is there a pay phone near here? ¿hay algún teléfono público por aquí cerca / cerca de aquí?
    • she won't let anyone near the kitchen no quiere que nadie se meta en la cocina
  • 2

    (in time)
    we're getting very near Christmas falta muy poco para Navidad
    • we'll discuss it again nearer the time lo discutiremos de nuevo más cerca de la fecha
    • the Monday nearest New Year's Day el lunes más próximo al día de Año Nuevo
  • 3

    (in approximation)
    damage was estimated at somewhere near $2,000 los daños se calcularon en cerca de 2.000 dólares
    • I'd say he's nearer 70 than 60 yo diría que está más cerca de los 70 que de los 60
    • the carpet is nearer orange than yellow la alfombra es más bien naranja que amarilla
    • no one comes near her in stamina los deja a todos muy atrás en resistencia
  • 4

    (on the verge of)
    to be/come near sth/ -ing
    • the project is now near completion el proyecto está a punto de acabarse
    • we are no nearer an agreement seguimos sin llegar a un acuerdo
    • I came very near giving up estuve a punto de desistir

transitive verb

  • 1

    acercarse a
    we are nearing our destination nos estamos acercando a nuestro destino
    • he must be nearing his 80th birthday debe faltarle poco para cumplir los 80
    • the project is nearing completion falta poco para terminar el proyecto