Translation of neat in Spanish:


arreglado, adj.

Pronunciation /niːt//nit/

adjectiveneater, neatest

  • 1

    • 1.1(tidy, orderly)

      (appearance) arreglado
      (appearance) cuidado
      (appearance) prolijo River Plate
      (person) pulcro
      (person) prolijo River Plate
      (room) ordenado
      (garden) muy cuidado
      do up the buttons: it looks much neater abróchatelo: queda mucho mejor
      • the bottles stand in neat rows las botellas están colocadas en filas muy ordenadas
      • her hair is always very neat va siempre muy bien peinada / con el pelo muy arreglado
      • his handwriting is very neat tiene muy buena letra
      • he likes to have everything neat and tidy le gusta tenerlo todo muy prolijo y ordenado
      • she likes to fit people into neat little categories le gusta encasillar a la gente de manera simplista
      • There were three chairs arranged in a neat semi-circle, with a coffee table in the center.
      • She absent-mindedly made a neat pile of the scattered magazines on the coffee table.
      • Shirt upon shirt, all stacked in neat piles - had they been ironed?
      • Not to say that we weren't neat and polite at the table.
      • I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it.
      • Maybe she was just a neat person, and it was a summer assignment, and she wanted everything to be organized, so she had tucked it away.
      • He was extremely neat and tidy around the place and took a gentle pride in maintaining the place so well.
      • In fact, salt crystals are formed by the very neat and orderly arrangement of alternating sodium and chloride ions.
      • But I know many children of less than neat parents who rebel by aggressively keeping house.
      • A key feature of the farm is the farmhouse and farmyard which is well laid out and always maintained in a very neat and tidy fashion.
      • The place is neat and tidy with not a weed in sight.
      • Or again, he was an amazingly neat gardener, one might almost say a perfectionist.
      • The village was neat, with tidy little houses, arranged along three roads leading out from this castle.
      • I can get my daughter to clean her room by setting up comparison/competition images with her neat friend, Amanda.
      • Everything about the room was neat and orderly.
      • "Over the years the residents have made a great effort to keep the estate very neat and tidy.
      • Choosing one, he stepped inside a little room almost militarily neat, and masculine in aura.
      • Madge herself is immaculate - a tiny, neat woman whom grief has made two-dimensional.
      • He was neat and dapper when I saw him in 1995 in Kansas City, where he was filming the movie of that name.
      • In Mexico, the tops of the wooden posts are cut off at the same level, creating very neat and tidy fences.
      • Several long and narrow tables were arranged in neat rows, teachers scouting the premises between them.
      • It was just how I left it, neat and tidy; everything was in perfect order.
      • Many thanks to everyone who came out to help keep all areas around the river so neat and tidy.
      • And doesn't such an organized and neat man deserve to be indicted just for making us all look bad?
      • I an a very neat person, and I don't want you to see my place in a state.
      • There is nothing wrong with being a slob until you start complaining all the time that you wish you were neat and organized.
      • Megan laughed, " Ya know, you should thank me for keeping my locker so neat.
      • And when the City asked them to leave the sidewalk outside, they asked for an extra allotment of time, in order to be able to leave the site as neat and tidy as they found it.
      • She's neat, serious and always over-prepared; he's a jokey slob who flies by the seat of his rumpled pants.
      • But unless you're particularly neat and tidy, they can soon end up rolling around the floor, or getting sat on by a passenger.
      • Walking down the aisle, looking impeccably neat in his uniform was Bob.
      • There were clothes everywhere and that was unusual seeing as she was a very neat person.
      • The sergeant counted the money onto the kitchen table, note by note, arranging it in neat piles.
      • Zack opened the door to his room and Ana looked around, he kept everything so neat.
      • Obsessively neat people should not consider owning companion birds.
      • "Wow, your room is so neat, " Hannah said.
      • As he began shuffling his papers so they were neat and organized, whispers began to fly around the class.
      • We travel down from Newcastle and Durban twice a year in order to keep the graves neat and tidy.
      • Now, yes, he's neat and clean, but I don't think that's a fault.
      • Aberdeen gave the ball away far too often to be able to mount any sustained pressure, whilst the visitors were neat and tidy in their play.
      • She's neat, organised, intelligent, motivated, good natured and talented across all arenas.

    • 1.2(trim, compact)

      a neat little car un cochecito compacto
      • she has a neat figure tiene muy buen tipo

    • 1.3(deft)

      (catch) bueno
      (catch) hábil
      (somersault) bien hecho
      (somersault) bien ejecutado
      • The sampling trick is very neat, and does appear magical even after you see the proof.
      • Now if that seems like a pretty neat trick, be warned.
      • Some common-sense solutions, and neat statistics, are found within the paper.
      • Folding them together was a pretty neat trick, and it has been done without a wrinkle or seam showing.
      • At the moment we don't have a neat solution to the problem and it really is stretching staff and eroding morale.
      • I thought it was a neat bit of conscious self-reference.
      • So a neat solution is to put an inexpensive hard drive into the printer to receive the print job and keep these large files off the network.
      • The Government came up, through the ministry, with a very neat solution.
      • The economist who raised the subject has found a neat solution to all these problems.
      • Calderon, an attacking midfielder, displayed some neat touches and demonstrated a willingness to run at defenders.
      • This one is as neat a demonstration of the Arthurian cycle as any book in the Clarke canon, and as stimulating.
      • I'm sure that I could never have written such a neat bit of syntactical plotting.
      • Justin made a neat recovery and with agile steps, he circled the demon, wrapping the silver thread around its throat.
      • All in all, it was a neat move: In order to teach us to value our imaginations, he always let us know what was imaginary and what was not.
      • Admittedly, it is a rather neat effect to use, but not when it appears on nearly every track.
      • It's a neat bit of arithmetic - one beach for each day of the year - but has anyone actually counted them?
      • ‘It is a very neat, environmentally-friendly solution,’ says Dr Reeder.
      • If you're determined to see both of those realities as a problem, you can turn to science to provide you with what you'll probably consider a relatively neat solution to the first.
      • But that's a pretty neat trick to pull that off, two different girls.
      • The look was relaxed, and the illusion hemlines, also achieved with stripes and shiny fabrics, were a neat way to make clothes appear longer.
      • Perhaps there is some neat technical solution, though as yet that doesn't seem to be the case.
      • This was a neat bit of satire, making the impossibility of the situation immediately obvious.

    • 1.4(ingenious)

      (gadget/solution) ingenioso
      (gadget/solution) bueno
      (excuse/translation) bueno

  • 2US informal

    (good, nice)
    neat hat, man! ¡que sombrero más chulo! Spain informal
    • he's a neat ballplayer es un jugador de narices
  • 3British

    I drink it neat lo bebo solo
    • she drank half a bottle of neat vodka se bebió media botella de vodka puro