Translation of nebulous in Spanish:


nebuloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛbjʊləs//ˈnɛbjələs/


  • 1

    (idea) nebuloso
    (idea) vago
    (argument/concept) vago
    (concept/argument) impreciso
    • Yet dark energy is a nebulous concept, one that has thus far flummoxed some of the smartest researchers on the planet.
    • No doubt there'll be some spurious, nebulous rhetoric about rights and responsibilities, respect, choice and other such middle class emollients.
    • Rock ‘n’ roll, however, is a most nebulous phenomenon.
    • Why do you think scientists have been reluctant to grapple with this nebulous notion of the human mind?
    • This is the first in a series that explores the nebulous connection between modern art and cartooning.
    • Yet there are dinosaurs who take a dim view of such a plan, their highly specious argument revolving around the nebulous concept of loyalty.
    • That's the reassurance I want, not this nebulous approach.
    • He is adamant that this week he wants us to take immediate actions and clearly report what we see and do, rather than just speculate and make nebulous plans for the future.
    • He did not peer through a hazy lens into a nebulous future.
    • Having spent many years ‘dabbling in the history of ideas,’ we are well aware that the term ‘postmodern’ is a nebulous concept.
    • Of course, this risks the subordination of personal freedom to some nebulous concept of public good.
    • That's a much more nebulous and difficult question.
    • Instead, they invented this nebulous concept of the ‘public domain’ that no one owns.
    • For nebulous, ambiguous speculation, nothing comes close to this work.
    • Discretion is a nebulous thing, each case is different and what we are saying is that the HSE doesn't appear to look at cases individually.
    • But can I ask you - and this is a bit of a nebulous question I suppose - but what do you think of when the term ‘respect’ comes up?
    • Nowadays they want something far more nebulous, which is celebrity.
    • Most irritating of all, I'm finding that my brain is absolutely unable to cope with vague, nebulous concepts or ideas.
    • Goals have to be defined and solid, otherwise they are nebulous - like clouds.
    • At the end of the day, after two hours of ‘debate’, it emerged that what people wanted was that nebulous old chestnut, ‘freedom of choice’.
    • Ultimately, it's not politics that makes the world go round but generosity, but for a lot of people that's a very nebulous concept.
    • The focus is on ‘experience’, which is a bit nebulous in comparison to a conference on technology or design, but that's what makes it fun and interesting.