Translation of necessary in Spanish:


necesario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛsəˌsɛri//ˈnɛsəs(ə)ri/


  • 1

    he never does more than is absolutely necessary nunca hace más de lo estrictamente necesario
    • it is absolutely necessary es imprescindible / preciso
    • we can always give it another coat of paint, if necessary siempre le podemos dar otra mano de pintura, si fuera necesario
    • to be necessary (for sb) to + inf
    • it's necessary for all of you to be there es necesario que estén todos allí
    • it wasn't necessary for you to be informed no era necesario que se te informara
    • was it really necessary to be so rude? ¿había necesidad de ser tan grosero?
    • Eva takes the boy in but does not give him the skills necessary for his survival.
    • Killing wasn't fun or heroic; it was simply sometimes necessary for survival.
    • The interference must go no further than is strictly necessary to achieve its permitted purpose.
    • After considering these two requirements, the court may still find it necessary to consider a third factor.
    • We do not think it necessary to consider this issue at length.
    • I imagine that the Minister and her officials would take whatever steps they deemed necessary to deal with the demand.
    • Remedies are then prescribed where necessary in order to balance the energy to produce a positive effect.
    • Ask yourself what could possibly go wrong and then take preventive actions where necessary.
    • The question then is, what steps are reasonably necessary to the attainment of that purpose?
    • But hunting with dogs is not natural or necessary in our society today.
    • Many developing countries may lack the resources necessary to prevent such outbreaks.
    • The minister's approval was necessary for the purpose of control and accountability.
    • We had always stayed out of each others private business, prying only when we deemed it absolutely necessary.
    • I do not find it necessary to consider these definitions for present purposes.
    • Now, they feel it necessary to protect themselves'.
    • A jury of experts reviewed a draft of the survey and made changes where necessary.
    • Often it's impossible for the architect of a company to make the changes necessary to ensure it survives.
    • Procedural safeguards are also necessary to ensure that the powers are used properly.
    • A social worker will be able to help fill out all of the necessary paperwork.
    • Please could you send me the necessary paperwork required to begin this procedure.
    • I didn't tell you because it didn't seem necessary at the time.
    • My policy is to ignore readers who feel it necessary to resort to insults.
    • Because the dealer may not follow through on completing and filing the necessary paperwork.
  • 2

    (conclusion/result) inevitable
    (conclusion/result) lógico
    • He saw radical skepticism as a necessary consequence of the misery of the human condition.
    • Some home truths about the migration of people need to be remembered and the necessary consequences drawn.
    • But maintaining the separation of church and state is a necessary precondition of liberty.
    • So urgency cannot be construed as a strictly necessary condition for the status of an impulse or desire as addictive.
    • If the answer is still yes, you must accept all the necessary consequences.
    • The principal weakness is that there is no necessary consequence for the validity of a law which is successfully impugned.
    • The necessary consequence is that there had to be a redefinition of the rights and obligations of the parents, and of those with care of children.
    • It was an almost necessary consequence of using lenses.
    • The magazine, he says, is ‘a necessary consequence of their superstar status’.
    • Changes in the direction and rate of relative plate motion are necessary consequences of the evolution of plate mosaics.
    • But biodiversity is a necessary precondition for the long-term maintenance of biological resources.
    • Perhaps you may think that in this case the continuation of such stringent and draconian sanctions is a regrettable but necessary consequence.
    • How can one responsibly teach writers who use the reader's revulsion and horror as necessary responses?
    • I suppose that if we allow non-resident citizens to vote, this is a necessary consequence.
    • Other disciplines and artistic representation are an inevitable and necessary part of the mix.
    • As much as I'd like to think that spying doesn't happen, it's going to happen as a necessary consequence of competition.
    • It is not a necessary consequence, or a condition, of industrialization.
    • The necessary consequence of this was political centralization.
    • That delay was to a large extent a necessary consequence of the splitting of the allegations into separate trials.
    • A necessary consequence of this is that, where they are in conflict, statute law prevails over the common law.
    • However, that was no more than the necessary consequence of the change in the legislation.


  • 1informal

    (what is required)
    the necessary lo que hace falta
    • I don't know if you all realize how much I hate being ill, anyhow, I am doing the necessary.
    • Of course, if she's busy reading or otherwise occupied, she sends the sprog in her place to do the necessary.
    • Unable to get the human variety, the club has hired a team of four llamas to do the necessary.
    • Unafraid of blood and guts, I went with him to the top of the garden where he did the necessary.
    • Paul, a successful model with ambitions to run his own place, came up with the necessary.
    • As I empathised with the poor guy, I obliged him by doing the necessary.
  • 2

    the necessaries lo necesario