Translation of necessity in Spanish:


necesidad, n.

Pronunciation /nəˈsɛsədi//nɪˈsɛsɪti/

nounPlural necessities

  • 1

    • 1.1(imperative need)

      necesidad feminine
      necessity for sth necesidad de algo
      • I don't see the necessity for such measures no veo la necesidad de tales medidas
      • there was no necessity for you to call the police no había necesidad de que llamaras a la policía
      • out of necessity por necesidad
      • Sophisticated telecommunications have become a basic necessity of everyday life.
      • By all means, spend your available cash on necessities like food, shelter and clothing.
      • The ship's commander refused to pass on even clothes, food and basic necessities to his prisoners.
      • Employers have moved diversity from a " nice thing to do " to a business necessity.
      • Basic medical necessities, however, are either nonexistent or in short supply.
      • As soon as she arrived at her room, she began to pack a few nondescript clothes and a few basic necessities.
      • So in some cases, it's perceived by the employer as a business necessity.
      • Internationalism is not simply a utopian ideal, but an urgent practical necessity.
      • Sleep ranks at the top of the list of human necessities - right along with air, water and food.
      • Mayor Street defends the cuts as an unpleasant necessity due to the city's financial straits.
      • These patients do not have even basic necessities such as clothes, soap and toothpaste.
      • Each of the group was allowed to bring three basic necessities - a torch, a sleeping bag and warm clothes.
      • The impact of the war will be felt particularly on two heavily-traded basic necessities, oil and food.
      • Health care is not a golf game, it's a human necessity.
      • I would now like to share with you friends, another crucial requirement and necessity for our country.
      • Hundreds of thousands of people lack the basic necessities of life and are vulnerable to disease and possibly starvation.
      • Apart from beer and fags the household necessities in most families are bought by women.
      • You drastically cut back on basic necessities such as food or travel to pay creditors.
      • Morphine had become an " absolute necessity of life " for this user.
      • Store clothing, dishes, food and other household necessities within easy reach.
      • Streams of people packed hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores to stockpile household necessities.

    • 1.2(inevitability)

      inevitabilidad feminine
      of necessity necesariamente
      • At this time thinking was dominated by Kant who had stated that Euclidean geometry is the inevitable necessity of thought.
      • Men never do any good, he asserts, except by necessity.
      • Underneath this official language of inevitability and necessity, Woolf detects an irrepressible internal pressure.
      • Accordingly, this application has arguable probability, not inexorable logical or theological necessity.
      • For Burke, expedience and necessity was everything - it was not only inevitable but necessary that America free itself from the yoke of English rule.
      • However, no systematic rules for the necessity of a certain sequence have been recognized.
      • Annie clutched her teddy to her chest tightly and felt every conceivable option she could have had in her life melt into a single inescapable necessity.
      • Like theoretical reasoning, practical reasoning seeks in a sense to demonstrate the necessity of certain actions.
      • Of necessity there will be a certain amount of overlapping, because many of the same arguments, or approximations thereof, have been employed by more than one critic.
      • In the case of the necessity of substance, there is certainly a conception of a ‘whole’ which is just the sum of its parts and therefore something whose identity is dependent upon that of its parts.
      • On the level of the abstract theory of capital expansion and exploitation, it is not possible to argue for the inevitable necessity of the North-South divide.

  • 2

    (necessary item)
    the bare necessities lo indispensable
    • a car is a necessity for me para mí tener coche es una necesidad
    • computer literacy has become a necessity in many spheres en muchos campos se ha hecho imprescindible / indispensable tener conocimientos de informática
  • 3

    necesidad feminine
    • I believe that the economic necessity for innovation and creativity will ultimately drive greater acceptance of diversity.
    • He was little more than contemptuous of those who questioned the necessity of war.
    • The necessity to make ports of entry more secure is acute.
    • But the fact that the necessity for dialogue has to be stressed in the more than 50-year-old alliance shows how tense relations are in reality.
    • This being the case, there is no real necessity to introduce new laws hurriedly.
    • This year there has been no necessity for farmers to choose between the census or the simplified systems.
    • The necessity for a new route has also been questioned, amid suggestions that the existing Killarney / Farranfore road could be upgraded and re-aligned.
    • In that context, I stressed the necessity of repudiating all forms of U.S. patriotism.
    • These people seem to live in an alternate reality where there is no necessity for their words to correspond to anything that happens in the world.
    • The necessity to have access to larger markets is absolutely crucial.
    • No, there are very serious differences, historical differences, and from the practical point of view there is no necessity to export democracy.
    • They recognized the absolute necessity of having some maturity in the country's leadership.
    • There is no necessity to hospitalize the patient.
    • However, the existence of representative government doesn't obviate the necessity of enquiry.
    • A software package was developed which obviated the necessity of having instructors in every class.
    • Their stance demonstrates the utter necessity of this unwelcome war.
    • The necessity for clarity of meaning for his listening public imposed a new discipline on both his poetry and prose pieces and this improved his work, exposing obscurities.
    • The long-felt necessity for a state-of-the art gallery of art was realised at last with the initiative of the State Government.
    • He stressed the necessity for exercising economy and using the minimum of water.
    • The necessity for a sewage scheme to be installed in Shrule because of the serious health hazard that exists there, has been raised with the County Medical Officer.
    • Such laws, he said, were ‘in danger of discrediting our parliament if we let that necessity to have high standards in public life lead to an intrusion into private family life’.
    • As well as the urgent necessity for further resources, there is also a crying need to better manage the resources that we already have.
    • There is rarely any necessity to trim the plants, though there might be an occasional need to remove dried leaves, wilted flowers and lifeless stems.