Translation of neck in Spanish:


cuello, n.

Pronunciation /nɛk//nɛk/


  • 1

    (of person) cuello masculine
    (of animal) cuello masculine
    (of animal) pescuezo masculine
    (muscle/injury) (before noun) del cuello
    the back of the neck la nuca
    • I've got a stiff neck tengo tortícolis
    • if you say that again, I'll break your neck si vuelves a decir eso te rompo la crisma
    • to be dead from the neck up no tener dos dedos de frente
    • to be up to one's neck in sth
    • she's up to her neck in work/trouble está hasta aquí de trabajo/problemas
    • you're in this business up to your neck estás metido en este asunto hasta el cuello
    • they're up to their necks in debt deben hasta la camisa
    • to break one's neck (work hard) deslomarse
    • to breathe down sb's neck estarle encima a algn
    • you're always breathing down my neck todo el día me estás encima / te tengo encima
    • to get it / catch it in the neck llevarse una buena
    • to risk one's neck jugarse / arriesgar el pellejo
    • to stick one's neck out (take a risk) arriesgarse
    • to wring sb's neck retorcerle el pescuezo a algn
    • She tilted the girl's neck to the side, leaving the jugular exposed.
    • Rubbing at his aching neck with the hand he still had, he turned toward the fire.
    • The hangman miscalculated the drop and the man's neck was not broken.
    • She is suffering from whiplash and is wearing a neck brace as a precaution.
    • Despite being large the neck of the hernia is narrow, however, only surgery can correct it.
    • Whispering my name once again, he tilted my head to the side, and kissed my bare neck.
    • He suffered a neck injury that led to the end of his playing career.
    • The narrow neck of the uterus is called the cervix.
    • He went back to watching TV, rubbing his stiff neck.
    • A common example of this is the cervical smear test, which is a biopsy of the cells around a woman's cervix, the neck of the womb.
    • I grabbed the bars again, and craned my stiff neck to look out as far as I could.
    • She was breathing heavily and rubbing her sore neck with one hand.
    • She got up and massaged her tight neck muscles.
    • He drew his sword in one swift motion and prepared to slash it into the woman's exposed neck.
    • Pull your shoulders down while leaning your head to each side to stretch your neck muscles.
    • She stretched her long, graceful neck out to me and I drew back a little.
    • Viridian enquires as she pats the dragon's thick, scaly neck.
    • I pictured the huge flightless bird with a lofty, slender neck and beady eyes.
    • Bone density measurements at the hip and femoral neck were also significantly lower in the anorexia nervosa group.
    • Even such minor things as reading in bed or gritting your teeth can strain neck muscles.
    • I wiped the back of my bare, sweaty neck with my hand.
    • However, results may be limited, because the bladder neck and median prostate lobe cannot be treated.
    • He nuzzled my neck for a moment before raising his head.
    • In-hospital mortality after admission for fractured neck of femur is 13 % in England.
    • Stage 1 involves stopping the heart beat of the foetus and softening the neck of the womb (cervix).
    • I wanted to wring his scrawny little neck.
    • The bulking agent is injected periurethrally or transurethrally under the submucosa to bulk the tissues around the bladder neck.
    • He wrenched him around and grasped his scrawny neck in a dangerously tight headlock.
    • Similar trends were found when measuring density at the femoral neck and greater trochanter.
    • He of course, took this as an invitation to kiss her exposed neck.
    • She was given a neck brace and taken to the hospital on a stretcher.
    • For example, figure 3 depicts an orthopaedics unit reviewing its care for patients with fractured neck of femur.
    • Density mass was determined by measuring the femoral necks and the lumbar spine.
    • Changes in the bone mineral density of the lumbar spine, femoral neck and total hip were similar in both groups.
  • 2

    cuello masculine
    escote masculine
    (measurement) cuello masculine
    a high neck un cuello cerrado
    • the dress has a low neck el vestido es muy escotado
    • I'd downed three mouthfuls so far and was starting to sweat through my polo neck sweater.
    • Victory Smile was second, with Magic Winner a short neck behind in third.
    • Putting the logo on the sleeve or the neck is a popular, fresh approach that especially suits camp shirts.
    • But Hughes didn't give up and Screwdriver gave one last push to win by a neck.
    • She was wearing a thick polo neck sweater, but beneath it she wore next to nothing.
    • Bandari took to the front with four furlongs to go but he was pressured all the way to the finish by a group of five other horses before eventually winning by a head and a neck.
    • Kicking King edged out Monkerhostin by a neck on Monday to win the King George VI Chase at Sandown.
    • "Yeah, OK, as long as I can use your halter neck.
    • On her latest outing Jamie Mackay's mount swept through to lead inside the final furlong and win by a neck from Astrocharm.
    • But he ran some good races in defeat before winning at Goodwood by a neck from Swinbrook.
    • I pulled the neck of my gown close about me and asked: ‘You guys sure you want to be out in this?’
    • Our favourite V - neck woolly jumper wearing lads are back to reclaim their throne.
    • Guided Tour was the runner-up, one length behind the winner and a neck ahead of Golden Missile.
    • But he accelerated superbly to lead just after the last and eased down to win by a neck.
    • Big Prairie and Gun Salute came running late to close the gap, but ran out of race track as Rush Bay held on to win by a neck.
    • He tugged at the neck of his turtleneck sweater feeling like it was a noose tightening with each attack.
    • Does she want me to dress in turtle necks and jeans all the time?
    • I went through my wardrobe for a short denim skirt and a white halter neck.
    • He was wearing a navy blue button neck polo shirt, worn blue jeans with a tear on the right leg and trainers.
    • Allison then put on her tight black Capri pants and her red turtle neck.
    • And the tactic pays off as Fire Up The Band just holds off the fast-finishing The Tatling to win by a neck.
    • Stoway won by a neck, with Takas and Vital Agreement finishing in a dead heat for second.
    • Today he was wearing a cobalt button-down casual shirt with a collar neck.
    • There was a piece of metal about this big stuck in the neck piece of my vest.
    • Simington guided Coalhouse to a neck win in the ninth race at Louisiana Downs to reach the milestone.
    • Her only loss was a second-place finish by a neck in an allowance race on May 9 at Lyon-Parilly.
    • Her pride and joy was a white polo neck sweater, white trousers and knee length jerkin.
    • Gaelic Dream edged Just Heavens Gate by a neck for the second spot in the race for three-year-olds and older.
    • The man picked up the three turtle necks and started to ring them up.
    • She flicked through the dresses until a sky-blue halter neck dress caught her eye.
    • The eight-year-old has finished in the frame in both his starts this season and went down by only a neck to On The Outside over fences at Stratford last month.
    • Indian Creek came from nowhere to claim the Hardwicke Stakes, winning by a neck from Bollin Eric in a thrilling finish.
    • He caught hold of the neck of the offending garment and ripped it clean to the hem.
    • Dunmurry King 5/1 which had come in as a reserve was a neck further away third.
    • After being ninth with a furlong left to run, War Chant rallied six wide to win by a neck.
    • But Robinson's mount, trained by Clive Cox, battled back to take the lead once again in the closing moments to win by a neck.
    • Tonight, Raven wore a silky red blouse with a high neck secured with gold buttons and enlaced with gold trimming.
    • Choose wide, open or low-cut necks, which create length.
    • The filly prevailed by a short head, with Chorist a neck away in third.
  • 3

    • 3.1British (of pork, beef, lamb)

      cuello masculine
      • For beef, good casserole cuts are shin, brisket, neck, topside, thick flank or shoulder.
      • My cache includes a fat bouquet of coriander, some lamb neck fillets raised at Boathouse Farm near Lewes, and a pot of yellow honey from Sussex bees.
      • She creates the tasty treat by arranging layers of onion, tomato and pork neck steak on the skewer.
      • Go for sweet-tasting neck fillets and simply sauté them in olive oil with onions, garlic and some chunky carrots.
      • Add garlic, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, juniper berries, peppercorns, reserved duck necks and remaining duck or goose fat.
      • TODAY IS St Patrick's Day and one thing you can be sure of in Ireland is a good Irish stew, made with lamb neck, onions and potatoes.
      • They had no bed, breakfast was bread and water and dinner was a bowl of rice with chicken carcass or turkey neck.
      • Purists maintain that the only acceptable and traditional ingredients are neck mutton chops or kid, potatoes, onions, and water.
      • Richard freeze-dried the head and neck and saved the meat for venison patties.
      • They'd use cheap neck and leg cuts but not the most amazing lamb cutlets.
      • Stuffed pork fillet roll is also offered, as is pork neck, and pork kebab.
      • What next - peppered shark or ostrich neck marinated in Calvados?
      • You need best end of neck lamb chops but don't over-trim them; leave a little fat on for flavour.

    • 3.2(in horse-racing)

      cabeza feminine
      to win/lose by a (short) neck ganar/perder por una cabeza

  • 4

    (of bottle, vase) cuello masculine
    (of guitar, violin) mástil masculine
    (of land, water) istmo masculine
    the neck of the womb el cuello uterino / del útero
    • my/this neck of the woods mis/estos pagos
    • Max placed the guitar in Milo's lap, and Milo gently curled his long fingers around the neck.
    • She stabbed another student with a broken bottle neck.
    • My hand trembled, the neck of the bottle knocked against the rim of the glass.
    • A single musician played a sprightly tune on a curious stringed instrument with two necks.
    • A narrow neck of land at the southeast corner of the peninsula connects it with the adjacent upland.
    • He held the bottle by its neck, and unscrewed the cap and dropped it.
    • If your corkscrew won't shift it, try running hot water over the neck of the bottle to expand the glass, then revert to the corkscrew.
    • Carlotta wrapped her slender fingers around the neck of the vase sitting next to her husband's chair.
    • The final straw came when the wine waiter let a single drop fall from the neck of the bottle on to the table.
    • The Bard pulled up, hands reaching for the strings and neck of the lute.
    • She ran towards it and picked up a hefty bottle by the neck.
    • Then he tore the cloth and soaked the torn ends in gasoline, and then stuffed them in the neck of each bottle.
    • After about twenty five minutes we passed through the narrow neck leading into Eagle bay.
    • He told the court how the man stared aggressively at him before walking over holding an empty bottle by the neck.
    • Describing the incident in the caravan, he said the man had hold of a vodka bottle by the neck and he reached for the knife out of panic and fear.
    • The necks of old port bottles, for example, usually have a slightly bulbous form.
    • One broke off the neck of the bottle in order to release the ointment.
    • She reached beside her and wrapped her fingers around the neck of a large pouch that she had to fill with water.
    • I picked candle wax where it had run down the neck of the wine bottle and hardened.
    • To divert Turkish attention, the Royal Naval Division would make a feint attack at Bulair, at the narrow neck of the peninsula.
    • Chase squeezed the neck of the bottle tightly, making his hands sweat and his knuckles go white.
    • Instead, she fitted a funnel attachment to the neck of the red bottle.
    • After bouncing weighted nymphs along the bottom through the neck of a pool, a good-sized fish took, ran several yards and came off.
    • The evacuation of the people of Kyle and of Kyleakin on Skye on the other side of the narrow neck of Loch Alsh began at once.
    • I could never play it though I was always hypnotized by how people could strum the cords and work the neck of the guitar.
    • To decant these bottles successfully all you need to do is to hold the neck of the bottle above a bright light and pour the contents slowly into a clean jug, or decanter.
    • It stood at the head of the spur, and was linked to the mass of the mountains by a broad neck.
    • I ran my fingers down the neck of the guitar, relishing how smooth and polished it felt.
    • D.J. steepled his fingers against the neck of his guitar, and then bent them over the chords.
    • After an hour's steaming they came to a channel between two narrow necks of land through which the tide rushed with the frenzy of the Severn Bore.
    • Men tilting their pints and liquor gurgling out of the neck of the bottles in a steamy smoke-filled American pub.
    • Stuffed into the neck of the bottle was a flame engulfed rag, blazing brightly.
    • She placed her hand around the neck of the bottle and dragged it towards her.
    • Grasping the broken bottle by its neck, he slashed at the crazed slayer with it.
    • A European bowed string instrument with a neck and resonator carved from a single piece of wood.
    • She said Gavin, then 17, had been seen waving a bottle by its neck.
  • 5Britishinformal

    cara (dura) feminine informal
    descaro masculine

intransitive verb


  • 1

    besuquearse informal
    darse el lote Spain informal
    pegarse el lote Spain informal
    fajarse Mexico informal
    chapar River Plate informal
    amacizarse Colombia informal
    atracar Chile informal
    jamonearse Venezuela informal