Translation of needlepoint in Spanish:


bordado en cañamazo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈniːd(ə)lpɔɪnt//ˈnidlˌpɔɪnt/


  • 1

    bordado en cañamazo masculine
    bordado sobre cañamazo masculine
    • So, that crossed out needlepoint, knitting and embroidery, as well.
    • I am also interested in cross-stitch and needlepoint and am looking forward to getting to know other community members who are into needlework as well and swapping some fun and interesting tip!
    • But she did beautiful needlepoint and embroidery when she actually sat down to work on it.
    • Aunt Lil expressed herself through her needlepoint: she had two cushions on her couch stitched in fine needlepoint.
    • The second possible explanation is that these men who talk to Natasha about interior decorating, flower-arranging and needlepoint aren't gay.
    • Evelyn wiled away her days, performing odd tasks for Mrs. Watts, and practicing her needlepoint with her neighbor, Lindsey, as Lindsey's mother kept a close eye on her clumsy stitching.
    • Pop-up adverts, the bane of most user's lives, are usually created by The Women's Association in Stockport in needlepoint, and then scanned in.
    • She had done needlepoint and crocheting before being attracted to beadwork.
    • It was Augusta who created the ranch house's Victorian elegance, adding her own fine needlepoint to the furnishings from Chicago, New York, and Europe.
    • I'm constantly moving, doing needlepoint or writing.
    • Winter evenings were spent doing needlepoint and cross-stitch and also having friends over for games of crokinole.
    • They tend to go for needlepoint and take on really demanding projects.
    • But in any case, your man said no more than the obvious when he attacked a section of the Manchester United home support for being a passion-free zone who knew as much about the finer points of the game as Keane does about needlepoint.
    • The stitchers display dazzling skill and finesse, creating textured surfaces of petit point, needlepoint, beading, embroidery, appliqué, smocking and macramé.
    • Then Chaplin plays with our assumptions by assigning the tramp to a cell with an imposing cellmate whom, we learn, is more concerned with needlepoint than bossing the tramp.
    • Embroidery and needlepoint make great hammocks.
    • Her sitting room with its home-made curtains and baskets of knitting and needlepoint was the warm heart of the house, attracting the others to gather in it.
    • In the old house, Judith Collins sits doing needlepoint as young Nora runs up to her with a ball of yarn.
    • This is a joke I tell in my act, and I can tell by the way you dropped your needlepoint, called your mama, told her the joke, and then pretended you wrote it, that you and I are going to get along swell.
    • While other girls my age are learning needlepoint, table manners, and how to win a prince's heart, I learn horseback riding, fencing, and magic spells.