Translation of needn't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈniːd(ə)nt//ˈnidnt/

  • 1

    • Well, he needn't make that call again because no-one in the Labour Party is showing the least sign of complacency.
    • You needn't ask for more after all of what occurred around so many depictive characters and scenes on a local stage.
    • He needn't worry as anyone who can pack them in for week long runs all over Ireland, has talent that holds no bounds.
    • Vegetarians needn't fear, there will be a beautiful vegetarian option for each of the meat dishes.
    • I needn't have worried, he was given the highest level of care at all times during his 12-day stay.
    • Such changes needn't cost a lot and can often be fairly simple.
    • When the sun comes out you have to make the most of it - and now sun worshippers needn't miss a single minute's sunbathing time.
    • The ins and outs of reporting on national tabloids needn't detain us.
    • If all we're doing is playing five-yard passes but not really going forward, the opposition needn't worry.
    • The man who sang his heart out on Wednesday wants this season to finish on a high note but the fans needn't worry, the singing is simply a sideline.
    • The wintry weather continues in Swindon but children needn't reach for their sledges just yet.
    • It needn't just be used to confront the obvious prejudices, either.
    • Although he advised against eating excessively, Mr Holmes said people needn't worry too much about gum disease.
    • I agree that he needn't offer a specific plan, but I disagreed that he should lie low.
    • So, if you're ugly or funny-looking, you needn't worry that they'll make disparaging remarks.
    • In North America, it's so unremarkable that you needn't waste any time categorizing it.
    • He needn't have worried; we were all too busy soaking up the scenery.
    • They had the benefit of astonishingly light, strong bodies, so we needn't feel too ashamed about lagging so far behind.
    • I needn't have bothered as there was nowhere to play them anyway.
    • But it needn't simply be a case of helping the destitute Afghans swap one set of repressive masters for another.
    • need not