Translation of negative in Spanish:


negativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛɡədɪv//ˈnɛɡətɪv/


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    you're too negative eres demasiado negativo
    • the blood test was negative el análisis de sangre dio negativo
    • negative film negativo
    • negative image imagen en negativo
    • The records of her transaction, and loan would have been available and in their absence I draw a negative inference.


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    • 1.1(word, particle)

      negación feminine
      put this sentence into the negative pon esta frase en negativo
      • Other tenses, the various modalities, and of course negatives, would be incompatible with this characterization.
      • Hence the perceived strangeness of They could give a damn, which has no overt negative, but means the same thing as the same phrase with a negative.
      • A penchant for sentences with multiple negatives is one of the things that make jury instructions notoriously hard to understand.
      • Re-reading P G Wodehouse's The Code of the Woosters the other day reminded me of the many words in English which are the negatives of words whose positive forms are now obsolete or rare.
      • So far then: no to adjectives being crucially involved, but yes to positives being used sarcastically to express negatives rather than the other way around.

    • 1.2(no)

      negativa feminine
      he answered in the negative contestó negativamente / que no
      • I would therefore answer the first question posed in the negative.
      • The sceptical scribe answered in the negative; Palmer was annoyed at the dismissive response.
      • I nodded at the vague words I captured from her answer as I headed towards the door, only halting when I realised that she had replied in the negative.
      • RBC has bitten the bullet, and answered my question in the negative; he thinks he'd still be free, and wouldn't complain.
      • I'm tall also, so I look him in the eye and reply in the negative.
      • Frightened, the young Ethiopian responded in the negative.
      • It provides an answer to this question in the negative.
      • The Court answered that question in the negative (with Judge Bauer dissenting).
      • She was also asked specifically as to whether or not anyone else stayed in the basement with Orville and responded in the negative.
      • He asked Mr. Sinclair if there was any complaint and Mr. Sinclair responded in the negative.
      • Posterity has tended to answer that question in the negative.
      • He is refused service in an antique store by an old man who answers even obvious questions in the negative.
      • My response to your first question is in the negative.
      • He was asked if he wanted to receive the Nobel and he replied in the negative which greatly surprised the other people on the show.
      • Asked if he found any involvement of the ‘foreign hand’, he replied in the negative.
      • To my great disappointment, his reply was in the negative.
      • Citing historical evidence, Marshall answers his own query in the negative.
      • In my view the answer to both those questions is in the negative.
      • I asked many colleagues and friends if they would employ persons from the minority community and the answers were invariably in the negative.
      • But it truly saddens me that a few people have indeed asked if I am going to sue and have been more than a touch surprised when I have answered them in the negative.

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    negativo masculine
    • Traditionally, a photomontage is a single print made by superimposing several images enlarged from different negatives.
    • This is conceivable but unlikely; there are no extant negatives, and contemporary reports stated the plates were destroyed.
    • They are one-of-a-kind photographs that cannot be easily reproduced (unlike prints from negatives or transparencies).
    • Up until this point I have been using Kodak film and having my negatives printed off and enlarging and framing them.
    • We collected the negatives from Mr Johnston and they were absolutely genuine.
    • In this article, I am primarily concerned with photographic prints rather than negatives.
    • By April 1861, when the American civil war began, photography had advanced with the introduction of glass plate negatives.
    • When dry, the photographer contact prints the negative onto the tissue.
    • So I stayed in yesterday evening and continued to sort through three years of photographic, prints, negatives, and scans.
    • The collection of photographic images extends to 600 glass plate negatives, dating from the Edwardian period through to the 1920s.
    • Colour negatives will often lith print very well and much better than they do with other black and white printing methods.
    • The photographer then contact prints negatives onto the platinum paper, which means the negative is put into direct contact with the paper as it is exposed by the enlarger.
    • Sugiura often uses the photogram as a paper negative to print a positive, in which the subject becomes a black silhouette.
    • A week ago we were attacked in my apartment, the attackers went through my darkroom and took the prints and negatives of all my photographic work over the last year but they weren't that good.
    • But in fact, one almost complete set of negatives and several diaries and albums describing his extraordinary life survived.
    • Any dust on the APHS film during exposure of the enlarged negative will show in the final print as a black spot.
    • For the iceberg photos, Steffensen used black-and-white negatives but printed the images with color photographic chemicals.
    • Over the years, 8500 prints and glass plate negatives of the sisters have come to be housed there.
    • A vast collection of black and white glass plate negatives and prints dating from the 1920s which were unearthed at a Doncaster sewage works have been donated to the town's museum and art gallery.
    • The photographers developed the infrared film and made prints from the negatives in their respective darkrooms.
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    polo negativo masculine
    • Welding is done with direct current, electrode negative (straight polarity).


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