Translation of negligence in Spanish:


negligencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛɡlədʒəns//ˈnɛɡlɪdʒ(ə)ns/


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    negligencia feminine
    to prove/establish negligence probar/demostrar negligencia
    • This means that any additional costs which are due to her negligence may be deducted from her bill.
    • Workers in these companies have complained of negligence by new owners and the failure to invest in safety.
    • ‘That is carelessness and negligence and all three of you need to look at your own systems,’ he said.
    • We cannot just say it was not negligence without a proper investigation.
    • Furthermore, the firm would have been liable if the embryos had been destroyed due to their negligence, he said.
    • The bus fell into the river due to negligence of the driver.
    • The death or serious injury of a Soldier due to negligence or carelessness cannot be overlooked and can always be avoided.
    • Any casualty due to their negligence must be put up for a PIL and proper compensation demanded.
    • I made a few gaffs due to my negligence, so hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes.
    • She had learned the hard way a long time ago that forgetfulness was considered negligence.
    • Yes, some errors are due to negligence by a doctor or a nurse.
    • It is simply due to the greed of some, and negligence by others.
    • Employers must be held responsible for negligence over worker safety and be punished accordingly.
    • People hesitate to approach consumer courts either because of negligence or due to some inherent fear about the very idea of filing a case.
    • Yes, this is due to my own negligence, but a helpful reminder from a travel agent would make all the difference.
    • If the tardiness is due to negligence and causes a loss of income, then you are entitled to recover some of the loss.
    • Why should I suffer because of somebody's negligence, carelessness, stupidity or even a deliberate act on his or her part?
    • The blast took place due to the police negligence, sources said.
    • Death due to negligence occurred in one per cent of this group.
    • There are enough tragedies in our day-to-day lives without adding some due to our own personal negligence.