Translation of negotiation in Spanish:


negociación, n.

Pronunciation /nəˌɡoʊʃiˈeɪʃ(ə)n//nɪɡəʊʃɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    negociación feminine
    by negotiation mediante negociaciones / negociación
    • the contract is still under negotiation todavía se está negociando el contrato
    • to enter into negotiations/be in negotiation with sb entrar/estar en negociaciones con algn
    • negotiations to secure their release are under way se han iniciado tratativas para lograr su liberación
    • The legal battle follows the collapse of negotiations between the two companies.
    • Despite five years of negotiations, both sides could not reach an agreement.
    • In human rights agreements, the end point of the negotiations is a common core of human rights to be respected.
    • There is nothing to stop us, at the end of this round of negotiations, starting a discussion like that.
    • Discussions and negotiations allow children to have some say in what happens to them.
    • The road map calls for negotiations between the two sides, leading to a two-state solution.
    • They became the peace between wars, held the negotiations between countries.
    • It is a forum for negotiations between member governments, a majority of which are elected.
    • Now officials have warned that if negotiations reach stalemate today they will resort to legal action.
    • In the military impasse that ensued, negotiations between the two sides made little progress.
    • It is not known whether they plan to extend the negotiations if no agreement is reached by then.
    • As soon as strike action began, the trade unions began negotiations to end the dispute.
    • Any improvement in performance will enable it to drive a harder bargain in takeover negotiations.
    • In 18 hours of negotiations there was no discussion or mention of a figure for pay.
    • It took five months of negotiations between the two parties to have the agreement in place.
    • Final figures are still subject to negotiations between museum chiefs and the Treasury.
    • Both bodies say they are bound by a non-disclosure agreement while negotiations continue.
    • The news is hardly likely to make ongoing negotiations between the board and WIPA any easier.
    • All cars attest in some measure to potentially delicate negotiations between function and form.
    • There have been many criticisms of arms control and disarmament negotiations and agreements.
  • 2

    her skilful negotiation of the obstacles la habilidad con que salvó / sorteó los obstáculos