Translation of neigh in Spanish:


relinchar, v.

Pronunciation /neɪ//neɪ/

intransitive verb

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    • His horse neighed as he pulled back on the reigns and rode away.
    • The horse neighed and snorted, and my reverie was broken.
    • The horse neighed and nudged her affectionately.
    • Her horse neighed, frightened, and moved quickly away.
    • Generators are running all night and their horses are neighing and the dogs barking.
    • Under the moon and stars, far from any city, with the horses neighing and music playing, the Americans and Mexicans danced in the dusty roadways.
    • The horses neighed in alarm and the coachman fought to control them.
    • The horse neighed in response and stepped closer.
    • Stopping for a moment to catch his breath, he heard a horse neighing ahead.
    • The horses neighed and whinnied in the grand hall and the castle jolted.
    • The horse neighed and stamped its foot in reply.
    • She was brought back to her senses by a horse neighing.
    • Inside each of the four buildings a horse neighed, stamped or whinnied.
    • A few of them could have sworn they could hear a horse neighing nearby.
    • Charles thought that an odd remark, and was about to turn around and gaze behind him when the horse neighed in terror, and gained even more speed.
    • The sheep followed each other about, the rabbits ran and jumped playfully in the fields, and the horses neighed in the stables.
    • Richard whistled and a lone horse neighed and ran to him.
    • As though on cue, a wind started howling in the air, and the horses started neighing, ears laid back.
    • A horse neighed nearby and kicked up some dirt to entertain itself.
    • As I was being consumed by the iridescence of light reflected by the dewdrops, Crystal, my horse neighed impatiently putting his moist, warm brown muzzle to my ear.


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    relincho masculine