Translation of neighboring in Spanish:


vecino, adj.

(British neighbouring)

Pronunciation /ˈneɪbərɪŋ//ˈneɪb(ə)rɪŋ/


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    (country) vecino
    the neighboring house la casa vecina / de al lado
    • the town and the neighboring villages la ciudad y los pueblos de los alrededores
    • Flocks were never observed crossing into neighboring woodlots.
    • In Austria and neighboring regions, glassmaking enjoyed royal patronage and the Venetian style was introduced with royal support.
    • Yet he does not make any effort to make people in neighboring countries understand his actions.
    • An ethnic group within the state then demands to be united with its kith and kin in a neighboring state.
    • The Belgian haven has helped pressure neighboring countries into rolling back their taxes.
    • To successfully collect seeds and grow seedlings you must locate fruiting females with several neighboring males.
    • Like amoebas, the hotel chains expand until they collide and fight with neighboring rivals.
    • Rangoon currently bans the import of 15 product items from neighboring countries.
    • With this technique, the rate at which a site experiences change can be modified by substitutions at neighboring sites.
    • My research takes place in my own study or in the libraries of neighboring research institutions.
    • Imagine what would happen if those small villages of 20 to 50 households are allowed to federate, or join with neighboring villages.
    • One town will try to outdo their neighboring town in order to steal away their sales taxes.
    • The mean annual survival rates of female turkeys in Connecticut were similar to rates reported in neighboring states.
    • Prune as needed to keep the exuberant foliage from casting unwanted shade on neighboring plants.
    • During this time, the distances between neighboring islands were probably reduced to 30-90 km.
    • Spraying water on surrounding areas to prevent the flames from jumping the perimeters of the plant saved the neighboring buildings.
    • His family had forced him to get engaged to a girl in the neighboring village, whom they had singled out.
    • He was the first to introduce water and sewage for a city of that size and provided electricity to neighboring farms.
    • The author witnessed several tragedies, including one small-scale massacre by a neighboring population.
    • The neighboring elevator was down by the lobby, unmoving.