Translation of nemesis in Spanish:


Némesis, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛmɪsɪs//ˈnɛməsəs/



  • 1

    (downfall, agent of downfall)
    Némesis feminine literary
    to meet / suffer one's nemesis recibir su (or mi etc.) (justo) castigo
    • in his novels, woman is nemesis en sus novelas la mujer es el instrumento de perdición
    • In all the best blockbusters, when disaster has dawned and nemesis looks likely by breakfast, there appears in the script a snowy-haired elder.
    • Arrows have proven the nemesis of most teams visiting Durban and have established themselves as a formidable outfit.
    • Imagine a cartoon hero in an impossible predicament as the scene switches to his nemesis; menacing, manic laughter bellowing out.
    • But perhaps not armed enough for an older, stronger Cuban team, which had proved its nemesis previously.
    • The Zambia under-20 soccer team takes on Egypt in an African Youth qualifying round first leg in Chingola today seeking revenge against a team that has been their nemesis.
    • The bad guys again break one of the cardinal rules for being an evil nasty: When you have the chance to kill your nemesis, do it!
    • He was contemplating a comeback recently when offered a place in the German Davis Cup team by his old nemesis Stich.
    • I successfully cursed a nemesis in junior high - he probably deserved it, but the fact that it worked was very alarming.
    • However, when I arrived back at the counter with my CDs, my nemesis was standing to one side, and a cheerful Canadian guy was on the till.
    • The same goes for Mr. Belding, who clearly welcomed the chance to follow his nemesis across 2000 miles and begin a new life with his wife.
    • ‘Truth Teams,’ which scout the parking lots to locate the targeted signature gatherers, are having less luck spotting their nemeses.
    • Though some decidedly comic things had happened to her recently, Lincoln purported to persuade herself that the lord almighty had a little more tact than to conjure such a predictable fate for her nominated nemesis.
    • The title explains a lot - a dishonoured soccer champ wants to assemble and coach a winning team to confront his nemesis, while mouthy yet impecunious martial artist Sing wants to spread the word of kung fu.
    • If the stick is pressed toward her foe, Nina will vault over the head of her nemesis, allowing her to strike from behind.
    • I left the room, disappointed with my form and my wimpy nemesis got up and made his way over the machine to play.
    • Nor is nemesis, the overpowering sense of eventual destruction, far from the political lives of these players.
    • Have I finally met my nemesis, the IT problem that I'm too old to understand?
    • Eileen sets her sights on Mr Nail from the off but Gail, who sees a chance to put the disastrous romance with serial killer Richard Hillman behind her, soon finds a way to scupper her nemesis's chances.
    • And that's where John meets his destiny and Jeremy his nemesis.
    • The triple axel remains his nemesis, sometimes disappearing when he needs it the most.
    • Our arch nemesis, Fusion, only had two people on their team, but we weren't taking any chances.
    • But an old nemesis - control problems - has plagued him.