Translation of neo-Nazi in Spanish:


neonazi, adj.

Pronunciation /niːə(ʊ)ˈnɑːtsi//ˌnioʊˈnɑtsi/


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    • But in the wake of neo-Nazi poll victories in September, the government is screening potential buyers to ensure it does not become a Nazi shrine.
    • Recent political events, both national and international, have made the Ghetto once again a sensitive spot in Venice. Frequent anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi graffiti have appeared there.
    • Under such conditions, the social and political crisis is providing fertile ground for right-wing and neo-Nazi demagogy.
    • A normally sleepy town, York was overrun with neo-Nazi skinheads, rival anarchists and so-called antiracists, six weeks ago.
    • Official policies were not only an important cause of neo-Nazi violence; it also ignored it, played it down and encouraged it for a long time.
    • The men from the yellow school bus are members of the Minneapolis-based National Socialist Movement, the second largest neo-Nazi group in the country.
    • These guys had nothing to do with neo-Nazi movements, but everybody was into reggae and ska and the whole two-tone thing, and we really got into it in the late '70s.
    • The court rejected a motion by the plaintiff that it consider evidence that P had been heard playing neo-Nazi music.
    • Some of these groups were neo-Nazi militias, and participated in ‘ethnic cleansing’ in their conquered territories.
    • She's unrepentant about that period, and she is a focus for all sorts of neo-Nazi activities, which she never, really, distances herself from.
    • Also found were machine guns and other illegal weapons; hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition; and a variety of neo-Nazi literature.
    • Many have internalized a toxic mix of elements drawn from Medieval European anti-Semitic iconography and neo-Nazi conspiracy theory.
    • It was the latest in a wave of neo-Nazi acts sweeping the country.
    • The third started in the late 1980s and has involved the DVU and various groups of militant neo-Nazi activists.
    • The KKK today remains dedicated to white supremacy and radical nativism and has ties to other Fascist and neo-Nazi groups, including the Aryan Nations and the Order.
    • Spanish police arrested 19 neo-Nazi youths after they beat up a man they found ‘dirty and badly dressed,’ Madrid police officials said on Monday.
    • There are certain things you don't want to know about, such as neo-Nazi fascist hatred.
    • While its presentation of an omnipresent police state is filled with stunning eye candy and unique action set pieces, it is missing a heart, a reason to care about what happens to the characters within this neo-Nazi regime.
    • He enjoys his only happy moments when he is being applauded by neo-Nazi audiences, to whom he lectures on his evidence.
    • And this part of the world needs no reminding of the religious underpinnings of neo-Nazi racism during Apartheid, etc.


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    (masculine and feminine) neonazi