Translation of neofascist in Spanish:


neofascista, n.

Pronunciation /ˌnioʊˈfæʃəst//niːəʊˈfaʃɪst/


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    neofascista masculine
    • The most recently publicized incident took place last March, when a group of young neo-fascists in Rome attempted to murder 10 Eastern European and African immigrants by setting fire to their makeshift huts under a railroad trellis.
    • In the streets in Vienna and across Europe, there is a new and angry resistance to the normalization of neo-fascists in government.
    • So much for these neo-fascists claiming to be the voice of the working class white man.
    • There are decisive global lessons here, as we witness capitalist politicians of all stripes rallying to the call of neo-fascists that immigrants and refugees be excluded in the defence of ‘our borders’.
    • But this has proved just as ineffective in preventing an increase in the ranks of neo-fascists as the prohibition of twenty right-wing organizations since 1980.
    • The SP's new-found concern about collusion between the governmental right and the neo-fascists is thoroughly opportunist and cynical, grounded in narrow electoral considerations.
    • The only answer to the lies of the neo-fascists is to remove the causes of deprivation and environmental neglect by creating educational and job opportunities on the neglected estates and inner-cities.
    • The sentences differ dramatically from earlier sentences in trials of neo-fascists.
    • The unprofessional handling of secret service information is a result of the fact that the connection between the neo-fascists and the secret service was long known in government circles and was regarded as completely normal.
    • The American news media has become an exclusive tool of corporatists and neo-fascists.
    • He is content to mix with neo-fascists and appears to share many of their racist and anti-Semitic prejudices.
    • Russian police, militant Orthodox Christians and neo-fascists broke up a first ever gay rights march in Moscow, yesterday, but organisers claimed their protest as a ‘great victory’.
    • For the first time in the history of the Italian republic and for the first time in a democratic country of post-war Europe, some neo-fascists acquired ministerial portfolios.
    • It doesn't seem to occur to their proponents that such a strengthening of the state's repressive apparatus, although superficially aimed at the neo-fascists, ultimately undermines democracy itself.
    • Due primarily to the influence of the Stalinist Communist Party of Italy, the working class remained passive and disoriented, allowing Forza Italia and the neo-fascists to profit.
    • Terrorism was much more prevalent in Australia in an earlier period - particularly that committed by some Croatian neo-fascists, who set off a whole lot of bombs.
    • That despicable cabal of neo-fascists, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has shown its usual disdain for the public interest over the last two months.
    • Is it possible to imagine a single one of the major media figures standing up to the neo-fascists of the Republican right, or even seriously criticizing their activities?
    • Anywhere else in the world the democrats would be considered a center right party and the republicans would be considered neo-fascists.
    • The other is that of the militants of the extreme right, like the neo-fascists, who possibly feel politically isolated among a majority which they despise for being too indifferent and stupid to understand their message.


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