Translation of Neolithic in Spanish:


neolítico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌniːə(ʊ)ˈlɪθɪk//ˌniəˈlɪθɪk/


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    the Neolithic (period) el Neolítico
    • Early Neolithic flint tools were made from local beach pebbles.
    • Within one of the roundhouses, but almost certainly unknown to its Iron Age inhabitants, was the burial of a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age child.
    • The remains of several Neolithic passage graves and over thirty Iron Age burial mounds can also be seen.
    • Distinctive styles of local pottery appear around 2500 bc along with Neolithic polished stone axes.
    • He found that Mesolithic and Neolithic material was found in the same area in only eight of the 221 blocks of land surveyed in the valley.