Translation of neon in Spanish:


neón, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈniːɒn//ˈniɑn/


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    neón masculine
    (lighting/glow) (before noun) de neón
    (pink/green/red) fosforescente
    • As she was about to turn down her hallway, a bright neon paper caught her eye.
    • From glamorous beach goddess to surf chic and neon brights there are sure to be styles and colours to suit everyone.
    • We wandered the narrow neon lit streets of Shinjuku, turning down offers of girls from burly bouncers, and sampling some of the numerous small bars to be found in this district.
    • I casually thumbed through - guys with bright neon trunks, guys with washboard stomachs, guys with fetishes and guys with other guys adorned the glossy pages.
    • With the oncoming of darkness, Tokyo city became alive with bright neon signs.
    • You might have noticed that there appears to be a bit of variation in the opacity and colour of the neon green perspex used throughout the case.
    • Now I have on a bright neon lime green T-shirt and I'm not a small girl, so you can't miss me.
    • As soon as that, the four went off causing havoc around the city, stealing electricity from neon signs, streetlights, power boxes, and more.
    • They would get up to about a foot long and were almost neon green in colour.
    • Please refrain from wearing brighter colours like pink, bright green, and neon yellow.
    • Encino Man missed the '80s by a couple of years, but is firmly stuck in the neon clothes and ‘Party on!’
    • Now I am not taken in by the mirage: I know that these are merely street lamps along the avenues, neon signs, and headlights.
    • Many choose boldface letters, or add drop-shadows or slanting or underlines or neon outlines or animation.
    • They traced a path to a repository on the far side of the room, a row of bright, neon green cubes.
    • There is more to it than the rubber that is burnt, the minutes that tick away and the series of street lamps and bright neon signs that flash by.
    • Also at Savers, I bought a neon red trucker cap, on which I used a black texta to write ‘Does my brain look big in this?’
    • Inside, dim lighting vies with a neon sign flashing the names of the dancers - who are, incidentally, covered up in bikinis and stockings due to the state's no nudity law.
    • I keep on hitting the neon ball back, whipping my racquet at it.
    • It was six blocks of lights and flashing neon signs.
    • I felt a strong repulsion for him, but kept following as I appreciated those tall buildings illuminated by neon lamps and the electronic advertisements.
    • Rual turned on the faucet and grabbed the neon green sponge.
    • Just like a fluorescent light, neon signs are glass tubes filled with gas.
    • Call it the difference between discreet concealed lighting and a flashing red neon sign.
    • Unlike most other designs this season's London Fashion Week has seen so far, his outfits are splashed with strong colours from bright yellow across neon shades to strong reds and purples.
    • Taiwanese food shops and single-storey buildings with Taiwanese-style neon signs line the streets.
    • Maybe we could tell readers that cricket is a game played in trench coats, in dingy offices lit by neon signs blinking through venetian slats.
    • The frame is eye-blindingly bright in trashy neon yellow and the soft thermal lens is tinted orange for your viewing pleasure.
    • You have a blank, bright neon face, a white room, clean but still blank.
    • The terrain is steep but so rewarding, so vastly unpopulated and un-skied, and so void of the neon jumpsuits and fur-lined boots crowd.
    • Catherine reached out with a trembling hand and touched the neon police tape.
    • Unfortunately, the bright neon sign did not emit infrared light.
    • He invented neon and fluorescent lighting, and the humble little AC electric motor that you find throughout all modern industrialised societies.
    • It often amazes me that people think if you walk down a street you would be able to tell who is a witch, but I do not agree, we do not go around with bright neon signs above our heads.
    • The joint fairly jumped under the glow of fluorescent lights and neon beer signs when I stepped through the door last night.
    • After coating the face of your driver with the neon green paint, you'll get a clear idea of where you're hitting the ball.
    • The colour is a very close match to the colour of my neon green perspex!
    • As fantastical neon signs and lanterns extended the hours of daylight, I was seized by a desperate need to recapture my lost youth.
    • The action plays out in the light of headlamps, neon bar signs and moonlight through slatted blinds.
    • On your left is the approaching bulk of a station - sitting there majestically, neon signs spinning and lights streaming forth.
    • Lots of lights, neon signs and flood-lit fountains are the norm for this type of photograph.