Translation of nephritis in Spanish:


nefritis, n.

Pronunciation /nɪˈfrʌɪtɪs//nəˈfraɪdəs/


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    nefritis feminine
    • It has a wide range of uses including the common cold, heatstroke, acute gastroenteritis, pyelitis, nephritis, edema and liver and gallbladder disorders.
    • Single cells will be found in nephritis, acute tubular necrosis, kidney transplant rejection and salicylate poisoning.
    • The three-year study showed these patients had interstitial nephritis (ie, inflamed kidney tissues) and severely damaged kidney tubules.
    • A 25-year-old white female had an eight-year history of SLE with associated membranous nephritis, and hypertension.
    • Six months later, his serum creatinine level began to rise, and a kidney biopsy showed chronic rejection and recurrence of lupus nephritis.