Translation of nerveless in Spanish:


débil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnəːvlɪs//ˈnərvləs/


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    • The sword dropped from her nerveless fingers as she slumped forward, trying to stay conscious, using the last of her rapidly-fading strength to lift one hand to the hilt of the dagger at her belt, pulling it free.
    • The explanation of this boneless, nerveless, jelly-fish condition of soul is not difficult to find.
    • Slowly, the pistol slipped from nerveless fingers, then he raised his arms high.
    • ‘That is a picture of my wife, Vana, and our twin sons Rog and Hal taken just two days before they were murdered,’ he said quietly, taking the picture from her nerveless fingers.
    • Thus it was that in a few moments they were sitting on a sofa in the drawing room, David still gripping the envelope in white and nerveless hands, while Philip perched on a chair opposite, watching with some concern.
    • Obliviously, he wasn't expecting that, and was so surprised that he let go of me, and I was able to pluck the knife from his nerveless fingers.
    • It is bad to drop the dumbbell from your sweaty nerveless fingers when you put it away.
    • She was halted with a sensation somewhat akin to being slammed into a brick wall, her sword dropping from her nerveless fingers as the impact struck her.
    • The buzzer went off and the performance sheet feel to the bleachers from nerveless hands
    • Elise's basket fell to the ground from nerveless fingers.
    • Lex felt such a wave of gratitude at being let off so easily that the file nearly fell from his nerveless fingers.
    • She gulped and ran quick, nerveless fingers through her hair knowing she looked more than a mess.
    • Mrs. Burnett was quick to grab my backpack as it slid out of my suddenly nerveless fingers as I launched myself at Christine.
    • As she fell, the Hulk screamed and turned, ripping the gun from the cowboy's suddenly nerveless fingers.
    • Reaching out, he pulled the luggage from her nerveless fingers and set the bags down.
    • The pages fell from her suddenly nerveless fingers and fluttered to the floor.
    • She barely heard his cry as he fell back, the fey blade falling from his nerveless fingers.
    • But then she saw he had dropped the gun from nerveless hands and she could not fault him at all.
    • He watched, not the only member of a horrified audience, as the knife fell from her nerveless fingers.
    • The glass she had been holding shattered on the ground, falling from her nerveless fingers.