Translation of nest egg in Spanish:

nest egg

ahorros, n.



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    ahorros masculine
    I've got a nice little nest egg put aside for my retirement tengo unos ahorritos / ahorrillos para cuando me jubile informal
    • Of course, this ignores the sensible suggestion that borrowing free money from the government, and investing in those same banks at compounding interest rates, will provide a nice nest egg for a house or car.
    • That's your money - your nest egg - they are spending, trying to attract more suckers so they can build a taller, shinier office block.
    • You simultaneously pay a regular premium into an endowment savings policy, which you were no doubt promised would produce a lump sum after 25 years which would be large enough to settle the loan and leave a nice nest egg to boot.
    • They are living in a situation where they have no other option if they desire the chance to save a nest egg for their eventual release.
    • It is a difficult calculation, but unless you have at least £200,000 saved by the time you retire, you may be better off spending your nest egg or giving the money away.
    • ISAs are probably the best way for us to save money for a rainy day, build up a nest egg and save for the long term.
    • Since you say that you have no retirement savings, it's important that you do all you can to catch up on creating a nest egg for your future.
    • Cynics might suggest that playing the homesick card is a sure-fire way for a player to achieve another signing-on fee months after depositing a similar nest egg in his bank account after his initial move.
    • Though he had created a nice nest egg for himself and for his mother, what he was searching for was the opportunity to create a self-sustaining business that would provide dram with enough security to leave Westfield behind.
    • Younger workers should have the opportunity to build a nest egg by saving part of their Social Security taxes in a personal retirement account.
    • My best bet, I figured, was to work full time for awhile and save enough money to have a nest egg for college.
    • The foreign workers tend to stay for a couple of years, learn English and save up a nest egg to set them up on their return home.
    • The general consensus is that 15% of salary throughout a person's working life should be put by to provide a decent nest egg to fund old age.
    • He was no spring chicken, and was perhaps looking for a nest egg, or a pension of sorts, so that he could retire.
    • Prior to corporatisation, the Market had built up a R140-million nest egg, but this money was signed over to the city and diverted to other areas.
    • So you may be charged to transfer the money into the local currency, placing your nest egg at the mercy of exchange rate fluctuations.
    • So what should you do to protect what you have, and keep it as a nest egg for the future?
    • The good news about investing for your future nest egg is that it is very tax-efficient.
    • Now that you're retired and sitting on a nest egg, what do you do to make sure the money you have accumulated will last longer than you do?
    • They promise to provide a nest egg on diagnosis of a terminal illness such as cancer, or other debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis.