Translation of nestle in Spanish:


acurrucarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛs(ə)l//ˈnɛsəl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the children nestled down under the blankets los niños se acurrucaron bajo las mantas
    • he nestled up to her se acurrucó contra ella
    • the village nestles at the foot of the hill el pueblo está enclavado al pie de la montaña
    • R. Crumb nestles in his wife's amused arms to escape being photographed.
    • Mrs Grey Dove now has small brown hopping babies that nestle under her maternal wings at night.
    • Equally inevitably I would be found nestling in the safe, comforting arms of my aunt in her kitchen.
    • After a couple of weeks they have enough fur to survive the cold temperatures, and will often huddle together or nestle up to the doe to stay warm.
    • Industrialism's strident emergent element nestles comfortably in a cosy neo-pastoralist structure of feeling.
    • He's comfortable like this, lying against an array of chenille pillows while the woman in his arms nestles against him.
    • Katlyn nestled into his arms and rested her head on his chest.
    • The Waiters household contains many of the traditional trappings of sentimental bliss: Women nestle snugly at home and babies merrily roll about.
    • Faux fur is everywhere for autumn, nestling comfortably alongside leather, suede and sheepskin on the rails.
    • Five or six birds - doves, robins, bluebirds - had perched on the windowsill, and were affectionately nestling against her hands and arms.
    • There is a more or less serious argument about contemporary culture nestling within this gleeful demolition job, but it does not become apparent until about halfway through the narrative.
    • It would be wrong to either rush to condemn the incumbent for increasing our visibility as a target, or to nestle in the comforting bosom of a father figure.
    • Just as I was dozing off, scrambled eggs nestling comfortably in my tummy and my brain relaxing into a deep and beautiful slumber, my sister called.
    • Small beings that eat wood are nestled deeply and comfortably in a dead tree trunk.
    • Barefoot and cross-legged, she nestles into a well-worn couch in the comfortable study-cum-studio that husband Tony de Beer built for her at their Westdene house.
    • She had done that through-out the night when we'd woken up and she'd wanted to nestle back into my arms.
    • She leaned against him, nestling in as he put his arm around her.
    • He looked away as he felt her head nestle comfortably into his neck.
    • There is even a Thompson mouse nestling within one of the upper panels of the heavy iron-studded double doors of St William's College.
    • When the military's precision flying teams put on a demonstration, pilots often nestle their fighter jets within two or three feet of each other as they roar by in formation.

transitive verb

  • 1

    her head was nestled against his shoulder tenía la cabeza recostada en su hombro
    • he nestled the butt of the rifle into his shoulder apoyó la culata del rifle contra el hombro