Translation of network in Spanish:


red, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛtˌwərk//ˈnɛtwəːk/


  • 1

    red feminine
    (of shops) cadena feminine
    • The council has a dedicated social services department with a network of care contacts.
    • Nine of the network's twelve lines were totally shut down.
    • This relatively simple network of lines lies well and truly underground, with steep escalators taking up to two minutes to reach the platform.
    • The Jubilee line is the only one that interconnects with every other line on the tube network.
    • ‘Carlow is very well located and already has excellent transport links via the national road and rail networks,’ said Mr. Bruton.
    • Cervical and brachial plexuses form a network of primary, interlacing nerves.
    • The nation state is a political and economic and social system, an interconnected network of interacting individuals.
    • Each world's resources will further our scientific knowledge and daily living, and it is my dream that a network of trade will be set up within our solar system and beyond.
    • One of the distinctive features of resistance in Belgium was the important role played by intelligence networks and escape lines for Allied airmen.
    • The scientists say the rain forests are made vulnerable to clear-cutting by the networks of access roads left behind by logging operations.
    • We can also see when countries finish developing their road network, as seen in Figure 11.
    • Another network of interconnected balconies allowed women to move about town from roof to roof, so the men in the streets below wouldn't see them.
    • The tram network provided transport links between the streets that made up the main lines of the urban network, as well as important residential and economic areas.
    • The company started its campaign for expansion of its trade network in the country in 2003.
    • Travis runs a network of 700 branches which trade under a variety of names including Commercial Ceiling Factors and Keyline.
    • First, it has a follicular growth pattern with a network of follicular dendritic reticulum cells.
    • Some findings, for example those on intercolonial trade networks based on family and religious connections, revisit relatively familiar material.
    • They hack into government databases to get information about transport networks, government agencies and the military.
    • In fact, racial identity is part of a complex network of intersecting identities that is contextually relevant and fluid.
    • But he added that officers in London, on underground and main line networks, were experiencing an increase in calls reporting suspicious packages and activity.
    • In Japan they built their Shinkansen lines to a different gauge from the rest of the network precisely because it made it impossible for other types of trains to use it.
    • He said a ‘simplistic response’ would be to reduce the network to those lines that were economically viable.
    • Childminding networks can also arrange backup care if your regular childminder is ill.
    • Scottish Labour's organisational backbone is provided by a series of networks and financial arrangements between the party, unions, councils and the private sector.
    • The action led to severe rail disruptions in and around the Belgian capital, mainly on the busy north-south line of the network.
    • It was Beeching's axing of much of our railway network in the 1960s that got us partly into the public transport mess we are in now.
    • As explained above, a rail network consists of lines and points.
    • These made, and continue to make, the city one of the most important interchanges on the rail network, as well as a major destination in its own right for business and for tourism.
    • The existence of trade networks pre-dates recorded history; commercial activities are a fundamental aspect of human existence.
    • But as road networks become more complex and street furniture more extensive, the costs of changeover have increased.
    • Your alliances, your trade networks, this island - all will remain intact.
    • The Alamein line is one of two branch lines, neatly tucked away in the mid suburbs, that feeds into one of the main lines on the suburban network.
    • Similarly, the mortgage bank Abbey National sold its branch network and head office to Mapeley in a deal valued at #465 million.
    • Think of the power grid as a network of crisscrossing canals, shared by all.
    • The UK's rail accident rate was in line with the safest networks in Europe.
    • In the 1980s these interconnected networks spread widely, first to universities, and then to other organisations.
    • These range from merchant guilds and systems of agricultural organization to regional and international trade networks.
    • This paper examines the typical travel time impacts of various bus priority measures to assist in the selection of appropriate treatments for particular road networks.
    • Could an interconnected network of democracies, from the local to the global, be the political model of the future?
    • It was established in 1991 and has since built a nation-wide network of regional branches.
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    red feminine
    • This will control a network of electrical elements, buried in shallow trenches running from Cape Wrath to Land's End.
    • The Turkish side also promised to study the possibility of connecting the electricity networks of the two countries, in case of fulfilling the third stage.
    • Islay has pioneered the use of small-scale wind turbines in homes and micro-grids, small-scale electrical networks that stand apart from the national grid.
    • Almost all Iraqi households are connected to an electricity network, with little variance between urban and rural areas.
    • The electrical network in Butterworth belongs to the municipality and Eskom is investing this money on risk.
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    Television Radio
    cadena feminine
    network television (feminine plural) emisiones televisivas en cadena
    • They usually leave this live breaking stuff to the cable news networks these days.
    • Broadcast networks quickly returned to basketball games and highly rated sitcoms and Oscar ceremonies, and were only mildly criticized.
    • NLL games are broadcast in Canada by cable sports networks The Score and Rogers SportsNet.
    • For the first few days the three major cable news networks eschewed advertising, giving us the appearance that they were donating their public services gratis.
    • At the time of the phone call, there were 2,391 adults viewing broadcast network television.
    • The major news networks experience massive drops in ratings and are put on the market by their corporate owners.
    • Bells from Rome's town hall, the Campidoglio, tolled at midday as television networks interrupted programmes to show footage of New York's devastation, without commentary.
    • Produced by the BBC's network current affairs unit in Manchester, Real Story will have a three series run of 28 programmes.
    • The one-hour live show will air on six broadcast networks and several cable stations.
    • The biggest skateboard stars are now regular performers on the sports network ESPN and on MTV.
    • Such a stance makes most of the mainstream sitcoms on the broadcast networks inappropriate for rerunning on Comedy Central.
    • And when the homemaker turned CEO left prison early Friday morning, the cable networks all took it live.
    • If you went and did - as the Media Research Center has done - clips of what is said on the broadcast networks you would find an enormous tilt to the left.
    • Though the bottom line for the networks would likely be significantly reduced with less advertisers investing in each hour of their day.
    • News chiefs from ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC television networks pledged to vet incoming feeds and not broadcast them live.
    • For the CBS network the final program of the current series of Survivor boosted ratings and did very well for Nine in Australia.
    • Back here in the U.S., two of the major broadcast television networks are getting into the pay per view business.
    • The Forum is also shopping around to other networks another program called Finally Home as a possible midseason replacement.
    • The television networks broadcast rolling news without advertising breaks on the day of the crisis.
    • Major TV networks cancelled interviews with the crew.

transitive verb

  • 1British

    Television Radio
    transmitir en cadena
  • 2

    (link together)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (use contacts)
    crear (una red de) contactos
    establecer (una red de) contactos
    crear (una red de) conexiones Latin America
    establecer (una red de) conexiones Latin America