Translation of network in Spanish:


red, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛtwəːk//ˈnɛtˌwərk/


  • 1

    red feminine
    (of shops) cadena feminine
    • The tram network provided transport links between the streets that made up the main lines of the urban network, as well as important residential and economic areas.
    • In fact, racial identity is part of a complex network of intersecting identities that is contextually relevant and fluid.
    • Cervical and brachial plexuses form a network of primary, interlacing nerves.
    • The action led to severe rail disruptions in and around the Belgian capital, mainly on the busy north-south line of the network.
    • ‘Carlow is very well located and already has excellent transport links via the national road and rail networks,’ said Mr. Bruton.
    • Childminding networks can also arrange backup care if your regular childminder is ill.
    • As explained above, a rail network consists of lines and points.
    • This paper examines the typical travel time impacts of various bus priority measures to assist in the selection of appropriate treatments for particular road networks.
    • Nine of the network's twelve lines were totally shut down.
    • Some findings, for example those on intercolonial trade networks based on family and religious connections, revisit relatively familiar material.
    • The existence of trade networks pre-dates recorded history; commercial activities are a fundamental aspect of human existence.
    • Scottish Labour's organisational backbone is provided by a series of networks and financial arrangements between the party, unions, councils and the private sector.
    • First, it has a follicular growth pattern with a network of follicular dendritic reticulum cells.
    • These range from merchant guilds and systems of agricultural organization to regional and international trade networks.
    • One of the distinctive features of resistance in Belgium was the important role played by intelligence networks and escape lines for Allied airmen.
    • The scientists say the rain forests are made vulnerable to clear-cutting by the networks of access roads left behind by logging operations.
    • Another network of interconnected balconies allowed women to move about town from roof to roof, so the men in the streets below wouldn't see them.
    • The council has a dedicated social services department with a network of care contacts.
    • Each world's resources will further our scientific knowledge and daily living, and it is my dream that a network of trade will be set up within our solar system and beyond.
    • The nation state is a political and economic and social system, an interconnected network of interacting individuals.
    • The company started its campaign for expansion of its trade network in the country in 2003.
    • Travis runs a network of 700 branches which trade under a variety of names including Commercial Ceiling Factors and Keyline.
    • Similarly, the mortgage bank Abbey National sold its branch network and head office to Mapeley in a deal valued at #465 million.
    • This relatively simple network of lines lies well and truly underground, with steep escalators taking up to two minutes to reach the platform.
    • But as road networks become more complex and street furniture more extensive, the costs of changeover have increased.
    • Your alliances, your trade networks, this island - all will remain intact.
    • The UK's rail accident rate was in line with the safest networks in Europe.
    • The Jubilee line is the only one that interconnects with every other line on the tube network.
    • In Japan they built their Shinkansen lines to a different gauge from the rest of the network precisely because it made it impossible for other types of trains to use it.
    • It was established in 1991 and has since built a nation-wide network of regional branches.
    • We can also see when countries finish developing their road network, as seen in Figure 11.
    • It was Beeching's axing of much of our railway network in the 1960s that got us partly into the public transport mess we are in now.
    • The Alamein line is one of two branch lines, neatly tucked away in the mid suburbs, that feeds into one of the main lines on the suburban network.
    • These made, and continue to make, the city one of the most important interchanges on the rail network, as well as a major destination in its own right for business and for tourism.
    • They hack into government databases to get information about transport networks, government agencies and the military.
    • But he added that officers in London, on underground and main line networks, were experiencing an increase in calls reporting suspicious packages and activity.
    • Think of the power grid as a network of crisscrossing canals, shared by all.
    • Could an interconnected network of democracies, from the local to the global, be the political model of the future?
    • In the 1980s these interconnected networks spread widely, first to universities, and then to other organisations.
    • He said a ‘simplistic response’ would be to reduce the network to those lines that were economically viable.
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    red feminine
    • The Turkish side also promised to study the possibility of connecting the electricity networks of the two countries, in case of fulfilling the third stage.
    • This will control a network of electrical elements, buried in shallow trenches running from Cape Wrath to Land's End.
    • The electrical network in Butterworth belongs to the municipality and Eskom is investing this money on risk.
    • Islay has pioneered the use of small-scale wind turbines in homes and micro-grids, small-scale electrical networks that stand apart from the national grid.
    • Almost all Iraqi households are connected to an electricity network, with little variance between urban and rural areas.
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    Television Radio
    cadena feminine
    before noun network television emisiones televisivas en cadena feminine
    • Broadcast networks quickly returned to basketball games and highly rated sitcoms and Oscar ceremonies, and were only mildly criticized.
    • The Forum is also shopping around to other networks another program called Finally Home as a possible midseason replacement.
    • The television networks broadcast rolling news without advertising breaks on the day of the crisis.
    • The major news networks experience massive drops in ratings and are put on the market by their corporate owners.
    • For the first few days the three major cable news networks eschewed advertising, giving us the appearance that they were donating their public services gratis.
    • Bells from Rome's town hall, the Campidoglio, tolled at midday as television networks interrupted programmes to show footage of New York's devastation, without commentary.
    • The one-hour live show will air on six broadcast networks and several cable stations.
    • Though the bottom line for the networks would likely be significantly reduced with less advertisers investing in each hour of their day.
    • Back here in the U.S., two of the major broadcast television networks are getting into the pay per view business.
    • NLL games are broadcast in Canada by cable sports networks The Score and Rogers SportsNet.
    • Produced by the BBC's network current affairs unit in Manchester, Real Story will have a three series run of 28 programmes.
    • If you went and did - as the Media Research Center has done - clips of what is said on the broadcast networks you would find an enormous tilt to the left.
    • They usually leave this live breaking stuff to the cable news networks these days.
    • And when the homemaker turned CEO left prison early Friday morning, the cable networks all took it live.
    • At the time of the phone call, there were 2,391 adults viewing broadcast network television.
    • News chiefs from ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC television networks pledged to vet incoming feeds and not broadcast them live.
    • The biggest skateboard stars are now regular performers on the sports network ESPN and on MTV.
    • For the CBS network the final program of the current series of Survivor boosted ratings and did very well for Nine in Australia.
    • Major TV networks cancelled interviews with the crew.
    • Such a stance makes most of the mainstream sitcoms on the broadcast networks inappropriate for rerunning on Comedy Central.

transitive verb

  • 1British

    Television Radio
    transmitir en cadena
    • The one programme that deserved to be networked was Discs a Gogo - which was Chris Mercer's brainchild.
    • SMG television boss Donald Emslie says a commitment to making more networked programmes in the regions will be a vital test of the new era of independent television.
    • In America, where the series was networked by ABC, the 14 programmes were re-edited into half-hour shows, screened from 12 April to 23 August 1972.
    • Soon LWT found itself having trouble getting programmes networked.
    • Anglia Television also managed to have a share of the children's market, when they networked a quiz series for children based on the similarly named natural history series, ‘The Survival Game’.
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    (link together)
    • Now, we have unified logon from any networked computer.
    • Up to five computers can be networked at one time.
    • Lucio came round last night with the equipment to network our computers.
    • So far, Saha plans to install networked servers running Linux to handle most e-mail and web-related tasks for each of the 70 schools in the area.
    • Now if only they can network my laptop so I can actually print at work.
    • There are more than 700 networked machines located in casinos throughout Nevada and the jackpot grows each time a coin drops into any of them.
    • When I saw they all had the same game on their screens I wondered if they'd networked the machines, and were having some sort of Barbie deathmatch, but no.
    • Over the past few years the premises have been completely refurbished and now includes a computer training centre with ten, fully networked computers.
    • There are six networked computers providing access to the Defweb and online library services.
    • We're going through a change right now, thanks to a wave of technical and social change and to the arrival of cheap, networked computers.
    • To exploit these services more fully, rural communities could set up telecentres and network personal computers.
    • First thing you should know is, all of them will get you online or network your computers together.
    • With Zigbee networked microprocessors you can link your lights with your cellphone.
    • The company's Avid Unity MediaNetwork is designed specifically for sharing high-bandwidth digital media files between networked workstations.
    • The computers (or networked device) where music is stored need not be in the rooms where you're listening.
    • There are also hints that the rise of online gaming may help to boost the profile of arcades, as the cabinets in them move increasingly away from being standalone machines and towards being networked devices.
    • It will feature high-end multimedia workstations, networked wireless laptops and express-type terminals.
    • All the computers are networked and connected to one Internet cable, so we can all be online at once.
    • It uses networked computers and multi-channel speaker playback to more closely approximate the different instruments and their ranges.
    • I have networked Linux machines on my home network consisting of two desktop machines and a laptop.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (use contacts)
    crear (una red de) contactos
    establecer (una red de) contactos
    crear (una red de) conexiones Latin America
    establecer (una red de) conexiones Latin America
    • A tourism networking and information evening will take place on Tuesday, November 15 in Castle Durrow.
    • The most successful professionals view networking as a two-way street.
    • But the clash goes beyond professional jealousies and crony networking.
    • When you don't share office space with people, things like networking and exchanging information tend to dry up.
    • Mr Ahmed said the members, mostly Bolton-born, enjoy networking and sharing useful information and contacts.
    • There'll be a wide variety of workshops, discussions, skills sharing, networking, campaign information and socialising.
    • Meetings permit exchange of ideas and knowledge, professional development, and networking, while financially sustaining sponsors.
    • Thus, he made up the term social networking to discuss what he was doing.
    • Bastions of old boy networking and the occasional social upstart, they epitomise everything that makes me cringe about Oxford.
    • We get a lot of information by networking with other attendees.
    • There are three very essential functions of gossip: networking, influence and social alliances.
    • The seminar afforded committees time for networking and sharing information on the work of individual centres.
    • Such ritual practices are often only seen as interesting diversions or attachments to the main social issues involved in networking.
    • However, when we take social networking online, we lose this vital piece of information and categorization.
    • Promotion seekers can use information gathered through networking to improve the quality of their applications.
    • The structure of the digital sector can best be understood by looking at work relations and at networking as social practice.
    • This can be achieved through networking, language exchange and case studies.
    • I'm a strong believer in networking and sharing information, which I do constantly.
    • An important step is researching and networking to gather information about organisations and positions, says Notton.
    • Such alliances can be developed by networking within industry trade groups and organizations that may indirectly impact your industry.