Translation of neural in Spanish:


neural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnjʊər(ə)l//ˈn(j)ʊrəl/


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    • Obesity causes neural cell loss in the temporal lobe and is a risk factor for dementia.
    • By this method, the path of a neural tract can be traced from its origin to its termination.
    • When playing the ultimatum game, be aware that there's a neural basis to economic decision making.
    • This, he says, will be the study of the neural basis of artistic creativity and achievement.
    • When this occurs due to cold saline irrigation, it appears to have no association to neural trauma.
    • He is working on a project with a novel approach to track neural stem cells in vivo.
    • They got cells to mature into what resembled cartilage, liver, and neural tissues.
    • The neural transmitter couldn't be removed without severing the spinal cord.
    • This disclosure is thought to unblock neural pathways by releasing stored information.
    • Melanocytes derive from cells of the neural crest and can migrate throughout the body.
    • Because of the neural link between sensory perception and motor activity, the ego controls voluntary movement.
    • To record neural activity, we open the animal and expose part of its nervous system.
    • He just assumes that a computer cannot be as subtle or as conscious as the hundreds of neural regions we call the human brain.
    • Our learning is the result of continued activity along neural pathways via the senses.
    • It was an unusual sort of false inference, for most of them are about causes of things, not neural pathways.
    • I want to erase this movie from my neural synapses so that no thought of it ever occurs to me again.
    • Discography is an invasive test that has an inherent risk of infection and neural injury.
    • Sensory nerve endings in this ligament detect the loading and produce neural signals proportionate to the load.
    • The entire neural spine and arch of the first two vertebrae of this series are exposed.
    • It seems to be a translation of Pavlovian conditioning into neural terms.