Translation of neuralgia in Spanish:


neuralgia, n.

Pronunciation /n(j)ʊˈrældʒ(i)ə//ˌnjʊəˈraldʒə/


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    neuralgia feminine
    • Its anti-inflammatory qualities can help with neuralgia, sciatica and fibrositis, and externally its soothing and anti-bacterial properties will aid in the healing of burns, wounds and infections.
    • Because it affects pain receptors, capsaicin is used as an analgesic in topical creams and ointments to treat the pain of arthritis, neuralgia, and diabetic neuropathy.
    • The most common chronic complication of herpes zoster is postherpetic neuralgia.
    • Neuronal inflammation and necrosis leads to severe pain or postherpetic neuralgia, which increases as the infection travels down the nerve.
    • In patients older than 50 years, valacyclovir decreases the duration of acute pain and post-herpetic neuralgia compared with acyclovir.