Translation of neurotic in Spanish:


neurótico, adj.

Pronunciation /n(j)ʊˈrɑdɪk//njʊəˈrɒtɪk/


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    to be neurotic about sth estar obsesionado con algo
    • he's neurotic about his weight está obsesionado con su peso
    • she's neurotic about keeping the place clean es una maniática de la limpieza
    • There are other parallels between the two men, such as both have the same agent, and both of them seem to be rather neurotic and obsessive, a trait that seems to occur in many comedians.
    • While he is a sensitive and intelligent character, he is also incredibly neurotic and obsessed with his sister, Caddy.
    • Maybe it's because this material is Jarecki's treasure-trove, and if filming is a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive activity, Jarecki is effectively complicit in it.
    • In Down and Out in Beverly Hills, there is even a psychoanalyst, Dr. Von Zimmer, who treats neurotic canines.
    • The amusing thing here, of course, is that De Niro's character in the film is clearly an obsessive, neurotic control freak who also teaches his cat to use a flush toilet.


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    neurótico masculine
    neurótica feminine