Translation of neutral in Spanish:


neutral, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈn(j)utrəl//ˈnjuːtr(ə)l/


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    to remain neutral permanecer neutral
    • However, while the EU has been valiantly trying to appear to be neutral in the Middle East conflict, the funding is a ripe area for confusion.
    • We could oppose the war on the streets, support it or remain awkwardly neutral (although few chose the latter option).
    • President Museveni of Uganda did not attend although Uganda did send a delegation, whilst Rwanda refused to take part, claiming that Zambia was no longer neutral in the conflict.
    • Since the 1960s, with few exceptions, on the greatest questions of good and evil, the Left has either been neutral toward or actively supported evil.
    • US aircraft dropped more bombs on Laos, a neutral nation, during the conflict than the combined tonnage dropped in the Second World War.
    • British government was far from neutral in the conflict in the North.
    • Most people either are neutral or side with Randy.
    • It claims to be a neutral organisation, supported by academic researchers, but is starting from the point of view that there are important figures missing from the arguments so far put forward for wind.
    • For them the quality and standard of the game is a side issue that is of importance only to the neutral supporters.
    • Russia may still prefer to stay neutral in the bloody conflict with Iraq.
    • Whereas in many international conflict situations the UN plays a neutral role, here in Israel and the territories the very opposite is the case.
    • Pibulsongkram realised the Japanese were not about to let Thailand remain neutral in the conflict and it was either join or be occupied as a defeated power.
    • This should be enough to make any neutral observer support them, but there is a more important cause.
    • After all, how many Premiership sides have separate turnstiles for neutral supporters?
    • The Taoiseach was in touch with most of his EU counterparts in the lead up to the summit and visited the other three neutral capitals and Rome to ensure support for the declaration.
    • This competition, which the Sunday Herald is proud to support, must become a regular feature of the business calendar, and Scottish Enterprise's neutral support is crucial.
    • The temptation to regard the 30-year-old as an indispensable thoroughbred can prove irresistible to Rangers supporters and neutral connoisseurs.
    • It would be misleading to say that he is neutral as to the conflict between his desires, since this would suggest that he regards them as equally acceptable.
    • When confronted with a decision to take sides among two conflicting parties, it is always better to be fully devoted to one side than to be neutral.
    • If you claimed you were neutral either side would kill you.
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    (not bright)
    (tone/shade) neutro
    • When you really want to flatter your eyes, go for sheer, neutral shadow colors like beige or pale banana-yellow.
    • Because of its strong enhancing effect it leaves a noticeable magenta colour bias in the more neutral hues or tones (the whites and greys).
    • The earlier, prescriptive sense of the term continues to be used, but the later, more neutral sense is common among scholars of language.
    • The 6% sunlight environment was created by using layers of neutral shade cloth supported by metal frames.
    • Wear it with neutral tones of grey and navy for a modern look.
    • No matter what the bright colours, whether orange, sweet pink tones, neutral colours or just black and white, they will all be widely seen.
    • Like the hall, the room had been decorated in rather neutral colours, the beige floor carrying on into this room also.
    • Instead of the bold patterns and colours that are typical of that continent, I've used plain designs and neutral colours.
    • I mean for the term ‘activist medicine’ to be neutral, rather than positive or pejorative.
    • This features a grey marble fireplace, ceiling coving, centre rose and a dado rail, and has been decorated in neutral tones with a cream patterned carpet.
    • She was about my age, and it was quickly apparent that we shared similar interests, tastes (natural neutral colours, pebbles and blue glass), and philosophy on life.
    • But it is all set in deliberately neutral terms, implying that this debate is always an honest one, which it is not.
    • I keep my face utterly neutral as I think, but I consider myself safe.
    • Colours range from neutral creams and beige to khaki, navy, grey and black.
    • It was blandly decorated, the walls painted a very neutral tone of beige, and adorned with a few pictures of waving cornfields.
    • There are neutral colour schemes throughout and wool carpets in the bedrooms.
    • However, in these new works, intersecting circles expand into large mandalalike shapes that stand alone on neutral grounds.
    • The master bedroom is decorated in neutral tones of beige and cream and features built-in wardrobes and an original cast-iron fireplace.
    • Then there's the decor: understated with clean and uncluttered lines, the colour scheme predominantly neutral shades of black, white, beige and putty.
    • The carpet is pale green and the walls are a neutral colour.
    • From a distance this crowd looked a uniformly nondescript plaster colour, a neutral tone made up chiefly of faded blue and dirty grey.
    • I'd rather have a sliver of prosciutto or a wheel of spicy sausage than neutral, inoffensive chicken any day.
    • A focal point of her final collection is a woollen skirt, blouse and long coat - all in neutral colours - with a cream silk organza overcoat on top.
    • Beginners may want to try neutral tones of beige and grey or different values of color in the same family for a tone on tone damask effect.
    • For the more conservative customer the store has a Colonial section with classic linens, cottons and neutral colours.
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    Linguistics Electricity Chemistry
    • Here again, the water allows the charge to leak away, thus leaving the material neutral.
    • Positively charged cations are smaller than their neutral atoms because they lose electrons.
    • Use a neon circuit tester to verify the power is off by touching one lead to an exposed black wire and the other to a metal box or to the neutral wire.
    • Aqueous solutions of caffeine have a neutral pH.
    • Clematis prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil, so add lime if your soil is on the acidic side. Keep the roots shaded and the tops in sun.
    • Pure water has a pH of 7, it is completely neutral.
    • Hook up the pigtail ground wire to the ground screw on the receptacle, and the pigtail neutral wire to the silver side.
    • A litmus paper can be used to find out whether the soil is acidic, alkaline or neutral.
    • Ideally, maples like neutral to acid soil with the addition of peat.
    • And that is what it does, but because the proton has a positive charge and the neutron is neutral, the nucleus somehow has to get rid of a positive charge.


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    Motor Vehicles
    to be in neutral estar en punto muerto
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    (neutral country)
    país neutral masculine