Translation of neutron bomb in Spanish:

neutron bomb

bomba de neutrones, n.


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    bomba de neutrones feminine
    • The neutron bomb was not only squelched, but all development stopped as a matter of policy because it was even worse than low-yield nuclear warheads in eroding the nuclear firebreak.
    • For example, when President Reagan announced his re-armament programme and the construction of the neutron bomb, the Nuclear Freeze Groups began a series of protests attracting significant public support.
    • The neutron bomb would have destroyed human life while leaving combat material and buildings in place, making it ‘suitable’ against invading Soviet tanks.
    • In the late 1970s, he urged major increases in NATO's conventional firepower and advocated the neutron bomb and the adoption of national service.
    • Remember the neutron bomb, the radiation-rich atomic weapon of the 1980s designed to kill people while leaving buildings intact?