Translation of nevertheless in Spanish:


sin embargo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌnɛvərðəˈlɛs//nɛvəðəˈlɛs/


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    sin embargo
    no obstante formal
    it is nevertheless true that … no obstante, es cierto que … formal
    • it's an unpleasant, but nevertheless necessary, task es una tarea desagradable pero necesaria
    • it may be a waste of time, but I'm going to try nevertheless puede que sea una pérdida de tiempo pero de todas maneras lo voy a intentar
    • I can't accept, but nevertheless I appreciate your offer no puedo aceptar pero de todas maneras agradezco su oferta
    • It is nevertheless surprising to find how clearly he saw the problems that were developing in Europe.
    • It is nevertheless the set of attitudes which eventuated in the development of modern capitalism.
    • Any risk is said to be tiny, but it is potentially devastating nevertheless.
    • She turned down a small role in Breathless, but nevertheless had married Godard within the year.
    • While this was a comfortable win for the Boys, nevertheless they had to work hard for it.
    • But he was nevertheless disgruntled that he himself would not be donning the shirt.
    • He was an extremely colourful man but was nevertheless full of good advice at the start of my political career.
    • It was a story already well aired in April, but worth repeating nevertheless.
    • Weighed down with bags, he nevertheless looks as if he has long since recovered from his nightmare.
    • I'll be there, nevertheless, but it would be informative to know what to expect coming in.
    • She comes across as a needy figure who nevertheless can not stomach true commitment.
    • Others are less jaded but believe nevertheless that its popularity has diminished its value.
    • While remaining strong, Britain should nevertheless offer a hand of friendship.
    • While his education was intense, it was nevertheless exclusively in philosophy.
    • Investors already exposed should nevertheless hold on to see what transpires.
    • Warm, arid and scented it may have been, but it was an irritant nevertheless.
    • He was born with deformities in both legs but nevertheless became a champion rider and high jumper in his teens.
    • It is nevertheless haunted by the spirits of some of the finest English poets, writers and artists.
    • Inexperienced as an actor, she nevertheless took on the challenge, making the role her own.
    • She owns up, nevertheless, to buying art and two homes in Malibu and Vancouver.