Translation of newcomer in Spanish:


recién llegado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈn(j)uˌkəmər//ˈnjuːkʌmə/


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    recién llegado masculine
    recién llegada feminine
    a model that stands out among this year's newcomers un modelo que (se) destaca entre las novedades de este año
    • newcomer to sth
    • Acme Inc is no newcomer to publishing el mundo editorial no le es desconocido a Acme Inc
    • he's a relative newcomer to politics no lleva mucho tiempo en la política
    • We must say goodbye to our friends and colleagues and prepare for the newcomers arriving soon.
    • However, as a newcomer to the area, I was disappointed how drab and uninviting the area in front of City Hall is at night.
    • But in most of Britain, immigrants and newcomers live together surprisingly well.
    • There can be legitimate objections, as well as xenophobic ones, to a large number of newcomers arriving in a certain area.
    • I am a newcomer to Japan and have been really impressed by the various facets of the people and the places.
    • Though he's just made the move to Australia he isn't a complete newcomer to this side of the world.
    • He was a curate, new to the parish, and a newcomer to St Ursula's College, my first year in High School.
    • A veteran member of a company will order a gullible newcomer to find the key to the curtain.
    • Especially good was the latest newcomer to the group Paul Skidmore who played the Baroness with such elegance!
    • At present there are no checks of any kind on a newcomer to any part of India arriving from another part of India, even if the person is a Punjabi Sikh.
    • Between these newcomers and the earlier arrivals, things are no longer going well.
    • As a newcomer to Witham back in the 1950s, she was faced with a town undergoing some major changes.
    • Their bus was welcomed just like at any other time when newcomers arrived.
    • Actually, several newcomers had arrived and made the castle their new home.
    • As a newcomer to the country, the company's first goal is to find enough models.
    • Falstaff is certainly a newcomer to the area, and dines at the homes of the Pages and the Fords.
    • Living here was fairly laid back and relaxed until July when our newcomer arrived.
    • It's a harsh, unyielding world, utterly alien to the English newcomers.
    • Any newcomer to this extraordinary resort needs a day to navigate the eclectic mix of rooms and entertainment on offer.
    • But that's what happens when newcomers arrive with promise and a family pedigree.