Translation of newspaper in Spanish:


periódico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnjuːzpeɪpə//ˈnjuːspeɪpə//ˈn(j)uzˌpeɪpər/


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    periódico masculine
    diario masculine
    newspaper clipping recorte de periódico / de prensa masculine
    • newspaper cutting recorte de periódico / de prensa
    • newspaper reporter periodista
    • These daily newspapers were the staple of the lower middle class and much of the working class.
    • No doubt newspapers and TV news bulletins are also banned in this medieval hamlet.
    • An article in a newspaper or professional journal may suggest an issue for research.
    • The space in newspapers given to foreign news had similarly declined over roughly the same period.
    • For the first time newspapers are carrying articles which ask openly about the future of the regime.
    • Just how hard can it be to get a really exciting science story into a daily newspaper?
    • Our newspapers even print sample test papers so our pupils can study round the clock.
    • Of these, the first two are genuine and the latter three are being used by the Daily Mail to sell newspapers.
    • The Times newspaper also ran articles about a report of a massacre seven months earlier.
    • Most daily newspapers are available online and, for the most part, you can read them for free.
    • We should have more proper news in newspapers, or am I asking too much from the daily tabloid press?
    • For the first time in at least a decade, those areas wouldn't have their weekly newspaper.
    • Nor is it a photograph, or one of those images printed in the newspapers after his death.
    • A few weeks ago your newspaper reported in an article that my bicycle had been stolen.
    • The contents were so harrowing that even tabloid newspapers declined to print the full details.
    • On display in the shop opposite was a blown up article from an international newspaper.
    • Coutts has already questioned the legality of the design in a column he wrote for a daily newspaper.
    • Italy is the only country in the world to have three daily newspapers devoted to sport.
    • Wendy had left newspapers folded to inside pages all over the dining table.
    • Apparently they were not in a position where they had seen the news or newspapers.
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    papel de periódico masculine
    papel de diario masculine