Translation of Newtonian in Spanish:


de Newton, adj.

Pronunciation /n(j)uˈtoʊniən//njuːˈtəʊnɪən/


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    de Newton
    • They lectured on the tenets of the Newtonian system and valiantly defended contentious issues of Newtonian natural philosophy against attacks from critics.
    • So the 20th century brought two major refinements of the old Newtonian picture: quantum mechanics and relativity.
    • The remarkable insight of Einstein was to discard the Newtonian notion of absolute time and view simultaneity in purely operational terms.
    • Although we can know the everyday world in its Newtonian clarity, we can only know the quantum world if we are prepared to accept it in its Heisenbergian uncertainty.
    • In the Einsteinian world there is more individualism and less government than in the Newtonian.