Translation of next in Spanish:


próximo, adj.

Pronunciation /nɛkst//nɛkst/


  • 1

    (in time)
    (talking about the future) próximo
    (talking about the past) siguiente
    I'll see you next month/Thursday nos vemos el mes/el jueves que viene / el mes/el jueves próximo
    • the next Thursday she didn't see him el jueves siguiente no lo vio
    • the matter will be/was discussed at the next meeting el asunto se tratará en la próxima reunión/se trató en la reunión siguiente
    • I'll ask him (the) next time I see him se lo preguntaré la próxima vez que lo vea
    • the next few days will be very hectic los próximos días van a ser muy agitados
    • the week after next la semana que viene no, la otra / la siguiente
    • I'll have been here two months next Tuesday el martes que viene hará dos meses que estoy aquí
    • she died 100 years ago next month el mes que viene se cumplen 100 años de su muerte
    • the hearing will continue Monday next la vista se reanudará el próximo lunes
    • the (very) next person to speak will be sent out al próximo que hable lo echo de la clase
    • you don't know what to expect from one day to the next no sabes qué va a pasar de un día para otro
    • I hope those who meet to consider York's future next month reflect on this salutary tale.
    • Proposals on the future of Devizes Hospital will not be published until next June.
    • Earlier, the final was put off to the next morning following a spell of thunderstorm.
    • Dairy farmers will get the chance to discuss the future of the sector with leading industry figures next month.
    • UK Coal says it will make a decision on Selby's future within the next two months.
    • Their future will depend on the result of Wasps' game next weekend in the European Cup final.
    • A final decision will be taken next March following a further review of the proposals.
    • I just hope the boys in blue are able to succeed like they want to next Saturday.
    • All four will learn their fate later next Thursday following a trial at Bradford Crown Court.
    • This code provided the model for all subsequent regulations over the next four centuries.
    • Much more is to follow, given that next month will mark the 27th anniversary of the coup.
    • He met her at Gwalior and told her they would proceed to Bhind the next morning.
    • A fresh bottle was delivered the next morning followed by a batch of three later in the day.
    • The first beef dishes are now on the menu, with lamb due to follow next month when in peak condition.
    • She did speak out when she went to the hospital the next morning and went to the police.
    • This review is ongoing, and a major study into the future of the four dairy plants is due next March.
    • Maguire said he had no immediate plans but would be considering his future over the next few months.
    • A meeting of trustees will be held at the Bird in Hand next Friday to discuss the future and take the decision to close.
    • The bow of Dauntless will follow that of Daring next May, with Diamond at the end of 2006.
    • They are expected to leap again next month following the release of the Hollywood film of the book.
  • 2

    (in position)
    I'm getting off at the next stop me bajo en la próxima / la siguiente parada
    • the nearest station is in the next village la estación más cercana queda en el pueblo de al lado
    • it's the next door on the left es la puerta siguiente a mano izquierda
    • take the next turning on the right tome la próxima / la siguiente a la derecha
    • When people move, they have to charge a high price for their house in order to afford their next home.
    • The first stack to be drawn from is the next stack in the order in which stacks were taken for the deal.
    • Leon has his place in the next room, but I still miss Jewel being here so badly.
    • I have to be careful though, because I don't want to wake up my other flatmate in the next room.
    • The next chapter in Zorn's musical biography is also one of the most surprising.
    • And he revealed the household waste site in Ilkley was next on the list for refurbishment.
    • Be sure to call to St Ita's Hall next Friday to place your order for the next batch.
    • Some one belonging to each of us could be the next accident victim in need of a transfusion.
    • Ideas for a documentary film were next on the agenda and this threw up one or two suggestions which will be followed up.
    • Undoubtedly awoken by the shouting, Keira was crying loudly in the next room.
    • The next issue is the order to make in relation to the issue of infringement.
    • That, he says, is simply to avoid offending his hardworking colleagues in the next room.
    • But the history is not quite as simple as that, as we'll see in the next chapter.
    • I think there is a need for the next bill on the Order Paper to receive its first reading.
    • There should be open cavities at either end to allow room for the next person's thoughts.
    • The motion is the next motion on the Order Paper, which is to set up the committee.
    • In the next room is a bed, three mattresses on the floor and a single shelf for their belongings.
    • You collect three of these cards, and you get a free large pizza with your next order.
    • As we laid our flower and moved away to make space for the next person, tears welled up in most of us.
    • The security used in such transactions is mainly the pledge, which is discussed in the next chapter.
  • 3

    (in sequence)
    John's first and I'm next John está primero y luego estoy yo / me toca a mí
    • who's next? ¿a quién le toca?
    • (at doctor's) next(, please)! el siguiente, por favor
    • excuse me, I was / I'm next perdone, me toca a mí
    • to be next in line to the throne ser el primero en la línea de sucesión al trono
    • have you got the next size up/down? ¿tiene una talla más grande/más pequeña?
    • I can take a joke as well as the next man / person, but ... sé aceptar una broma tanto como el que más, pero ...
    • to be (the) next to + inf
    • you're the next to speak tú eres el próximo orador
    • the next to leave were the Millers los siguientes en irse fueron los Miller


  • 1

    what did you do/say next? ¿y luego / después qué hiciste/dijiste?
  • 2

    what shall we do next? ¿y ahora qué hacemos?
    • next, I'd like to discuss the problem of wages a continuación, quisiera que tratáramos el problema de los sueldos
    • what comes next? ¿qué sigue después?
    • now she comes to work in jeans, whatever next! ahora viene a trabajar de vaqueros ¡adónde vamos (a ir) a parar!
    • bring you your food?! next you'll be asking me to cut it up for you! ¿que te traiga la comida? ¡después me pedirás que te la corte también!
  • 3

    (the first time after now)
    when you see me next/ when you next see me la próxima vez que me veas
  • 4

    Japan is our next most important market after Europe después de Europa, Japón es nuestro mercado más importante
    • Tom is the tallest in the class, Bob the next tallest Tom es el más alto de la clase y (a Tom) le sigue Bob
    • it's the next best thing to champagne después del champán, es lo mejor que hay
  • 5

    come and sit next to me ven y siéntate a mi lado
    • we live next to the hospital vivimos al lado del hospital
    • I can't bear wool next to the skin no aguanto la lana en contacto con la piel
    • push the bed next to the wall empuja la cama contra la pared
  • 6

    (compared with)
    al lado de
    next to him, most people would look small al lado de él / comparados con él, todos parecen bajos
  • 7

    después de
    next to Madrid, Barcelona is Spain's biggest city después de Madrid, Barcelona es la ciudad más grande de España
  • 8

    the next to last page la penúltima página
    • I was next to bottom of the class era el penúltimo de la clase
  • 9

    (almost, virtually)
    it's next to impossible es casi / prácticamente imposible
    • I bought it for next to nothing lo compré por poquísimo dinero
    • I'll have it ready in next to no time lo termino en un segundo