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    al lado
    who lives next door? ¿quién vive al lado / en la casa de al lado?
    • next door to sb/sth al lado de algn/algo
    • the people next door los vecinos (de al lado)
    • the boy/girl next door el chico/la chica de al lado
    • It is very handy having a pub next door, but I felt a pang of guilt as I popped in to the real Village Pub for a pint.
    • He's also checking out a space next door, soon to be another new venue he'll have a hand in.
    • The meeting house will be similar in size to The Fox public house next door and will have parking for 28 cars.
    • I was watching a seagull on the roof just now - I was on the roof of one house, it was on the roof of the house next door.
    • As the business took off, it hired staff and moved the office to Farnham, where it has opened a spa next door.
    • When we had been kids I lived in the house next door and my bedroom had been directly across from hers.
    • Sure, it had only been a move next door, but it was still momentous for me, and for Ian.
    • Have you got a dump next door or is your road used just like a litter bin?
    • You'll dine like a king and probably want to build a house next door just so you can pop in every day for lunch.
    • Then fumed for a while, presuming that it was coming from the unruly mob from the house next door.
    • She said a house was being built next door on a site where a medieval building had once stood.
    • As I headed back to get another box, I noticed a guy looking at us through a window next door.
    • Of course, there's even less rush when there's a pub next door and you've been offered a lift home.
    • The defendant was under a bed next door and was noticed to be bleeding from his hands.
    • Then a man who lives across the road came flying into the shop, saying there had been a raid next door.
    • He took up so much room we moved him to the house next door, which was empty.
    • He discovered two men had forced the bedroom window open and they shouted that there was a fire next door.
    • I heard a loud snore coming from the room next door and remembered that I was in Gabby's house.
    • I recently claimed for damage done to the party wall of my terraced house as a result of a faulty roof next door.
    • Mr Marais said Vukwana then went to a bar next door, killed a man and wounded the owner.



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    de al lado
    our next-door neighbors nuestros vecinos de al lado