Translation of nib in Spanish:


plumín, n.

Pronunciation /nɪb//nɪb/


  • 1

    plumín masculine
    pluma feminine
    see also nibs
    • I could never draw with a steel quill worth a damn, so I kept a pot of ink and a couple of nibs above my mouse.
    • We have ink nibs that attach to little wooden handles and I love dipping them into the ink and writing on our ivory-colored stationery.
    • I was forever dismantling the nibs and washing them in the sink and finding ink blots on my shirts.
    • They'd made a museum about pencils which was really boring (and incidentally also included some pen nibs to try and fill things out a bit which I think is cheating).
    • An angled nib means the writer can always see the writing - a particular boon for left-handers - and the hand stays in a better position, the inventor claims.
    • Having discovered through the internet that members of her family invented the pen nib and founded Birmingham University, Leggatt can easily appreciate the lure of the unknown.
    • Masterton is an inspirational character who joined BoS aged 15 straight from school, spent his first day changing nibs on fountain pens, and rose through the ranks to end up with his signature on the banknotes.
    • I like pens that you have to twist to get the nib out.
    • Winston fitted a nib into the penholder and sucked it to get the grease off.
    • A technological marvel, each pen has a little pumping heart that delivers just the correct amount of ink to the tip of the nib - brilliant.
    • Was given a pen, by a pen shop - Elephant and Coral - who feel that authors should get nice pens (this was a Pilot pen with the nib carved out of the barrel, and looks like it will be a lovely thing to write with).
    • I've also used pen nibs - not the ‘Serjeant-Major,’ which is too dry, but softer nibs, like the ‘J.’
    • His nib catches the paper's grain and a small blot spreads.
    • It may have inspired the design of the post-quillian nib.
    • A packet of nibs at 1/3 and a bottle of ink at 6d are also listed.
    • She uses fine cloth, velvet or canvas as the base for paintings done using specialised thin and wide nibs.
    • At this, Ian pressed his pen so hard into the surface of the paper that he broke his nib.
    • The awards had branched out into so many categories over the years, including Online, and the nib was a reminder of the Walkley's history, the pen, or, more accurately print journalism.
    • Future projects include continuing a series of line drawings using pens with increasingly finer and finer nibs.
    • Writing was done with nibs fitted into a pen holder.