Translation of nibs in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnɪbz//nɪbz/



  • 1

    (as title)
    his nibs su señoría humorous
    • You know, news summaries scrawled with demands to have the Revenue set on reporters who said rude things about his nibs, enemies under the beds and loading up on lawyers.
    • If his nibs happens to be a regular patron, increase the aforementioned bowing and scraping a hundredfold.
    • With my resolve well and truly replenished, it was time to start work on his nibs.
    • Let me take you through the smoked glass door, and walk past the receptionist as she says, ‘If y'want 'im, his nibs is in a meeting.’
    • We were having fun till his nibs walked in and told us to be quiet.