Translation of niche in Spanish:


nicho, n.

Pronunciation /nɪtʃ//niʃ//nɪtʃ//niːʃ/


  • 1

    nicho masculine
    hornacina feminine
    • It reminds one of those commemorative busts associated with Caesar's and Augustus's Rome, or of a statue made for a niche in a European manor house.
    • The west wall near the kitchen formed a shallow niche.
    • Zeno built a tall wall with about 20 niches for statues of gods and goddesses behind the stage.
    • Interspersed between the openings of the rotunda were four arched niches set into the wall.
    • Little sunlight pierces the gloom of the crypt, but it is possible to make out the fine 18th century clothes that dress the skeletons of the lawyers, doctors and nobles who have stood in niches along these walls for nearly 300 years.
    • The masculine dark timber floor complements the charcoal black upholstery accentuated by the lime green sofas in the niches along one wall.
    • Bernini also brought the more modest bust and half-length portrait figures in wall niches to new heights of pathos which were widely imitated in Catholic northern Europe, especially Flanders.
    • In it is a niche, wherein the statue of St. Canice stood, and inverted stone cones with eight grooves, or flutings, for holy water.
    • The in crowd also favour Fort Rajwada, with lofty interiors by opera set designer Stephanie Engeln, including a sassy bar with a wall of glowing arched niches.
    • It has niches for two full-height statues on either side of the Virgin, probably for apostles, such as St John, or St Matthew and St Luke, in whose gospels she features prominently.
    • Two niches in the long wall house traditional drinking fountains - devices that should be reintroduced in other cities, particularly in hot climates.
    • The dominant feature of the playroom is a periwinkle blue storage wall that contains cabinets, drawers, a display niche, and a long, narrow counter.
    • In 1549, Jafar founded Kudus Mosque and fastened the rock in its mihrab, a niche in the mosque wall facing Mecca.
    • Positioned, in turn, at right angles to each pair of these chambers is a slightly smaller room that repeats the same format but with four niches on each lateral wall.
    • The inner rim of the wall has 64 niches and all but one have images of bare-breasted yoginis carved out of black chlorite.
    • Large structures resembling churches with niches for life-like marble statues of the saints may be found in Metairie Cemetery.
    • The center of Schinkel's building also contained a large rotunda, modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, where statues of the ancient gods inhabited niches recessed in the circular floor.
    • Separate chambers built into the sides of chultuns were big enough for a person to crawl into, and many include wall niches in which pottery and other items were placed.
    • They rounded a few turns, and the blackness was relieved by a bizarre variety of objects carefully nestled into wall niches: candles, oil lamps, kerosene lanterns.
    • There are eight niches awaiting statues inside and outside the library building, which was built by Shepherd's in 1926.
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    (suitable place)
    she's found a little niche for herself in the business se ha hecho su huequito en la empresa informal
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    nicho masculine
    niche market mercado nicho masculine
    • Electric cars will probably remain a tiny niche of the auto industry until drivers see a serious expansion of charging stations.
    • By its very nature, a good database provides background information that might suggest opportunities for direct marketing to specific segments or market niches.
    • Production managers prefer long production runs of standardized products, but marketers increasingly try to satisfy market niches with specially adapted products.
    • The survivors include pharmacies that were able to trim costs, focus on customer service and find a niche or specialty, such as hospice service or diabetic equipment, she said.
    • Each of the major billing vendors has tried to carve out a niche within the cable industry.
    • At the next level, the select wine offerings going for $4.95 per glass, Little Penguin has found a comfortable niche.
    • They fall in a very comfortable niche between domestic premium beers and craft-brewed beers.
    • Some improvements were made, and the engine found a long-lived niche in the British motor industry.
    • It's the next age group, however, that has become the most recent industry niche.
    • Thanks to a dramatic jump in available varieties suitable for our growing niche, we're no longer the forgotten stepchild of the fruit-gardening world.
    • With a quality product offering, they are market leaders within their niche.
    • Obviously, Fletcher has a knack for creating a useful product that fits a niche in the market.
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    nicho masculine
    • Some early humans may have started eating meat as a way to survive within their own ecological niche.
    • The ecological role and niche of coiled cephalopods can be studied by considering the common morphological characters of these fossils.
    • At the same time, the various oral communities that live on the body are highly dependent on the environmental conditions that normally prevail within each niche.
    • All display similar ecological niches where they are most commonly found.
    • If a bulb plant is to develop to its full potential, it must be provided with good growing conditions and a suitable niche in the landscape where it can remain undisturbed without the need for its foliage to be prematurely removed.