Translation of nickname in Spanish:


apodo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɪkˌneɪm//ˈnɪkneɪm/


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    apodo masculine
    sobrenombre masculine
    (relating to personal characteristics) mote masculine
    • There are a lot of different kinds of railway cars, their names and nicknames familiar to most people, but there are only a few that bear the name of their inventor.
    • He said that people were known by their nicknames rather than their real names, so he would not have known him as Fred.
    • He told her again, feeling her head jerk as he used her nickname instead of her full name.
    • But then I also have trouble changing from a full name to a nickname for people.
    • They were using familiar nicknames for each other since the child was very close to his mentor and defender.
    • It is not uncommon for an estate owner to be known by a nickname or abbreviated name.
    • The four-times World Cup champions are the only major sporting country in which athletes are most commonly known by their first names or nicknames.
    • Will had given their proper names, instead of their shortened nicknames.
    • Bob Clarke gave me the nickname and instead of discouraging it, I went along with it.
    • Most people weren't generally familiar with his nickname; he was too serious a person.
    • However, the names or the nicknames of the authors, unlike print encyclopaedias, do not appear at the bottom of the articles.
    • It was his first name, but we always went by nicknames or first names.
    • My mom uses baby talk with her, calling her new-found names and nicknames on the spur of the moment.
    • No, the member cannot refer to members by nicknames or Christian names.
    • It was clearly ruled that members should be referred to by their correct names, not by nicknames.
    • In some places the victims even learn the names or nicknames of those who abused them.
    • Many Vikings also had a nickname which was used instead of their family name.
    • Amara is not my real name, it is a cruel nickname forced upon me by the spoiled daughters of the master.
    • Finally, I have to regret the use of first names and nicknames for women, while men are given surnames, honorifics and initials.
    • My advice - don't store the email addresses of friends and family under their names, but under nicknames…

transitive verb

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    she was affectionately nicknamed Sunny la llamaban cariñosamente Sunny