Translation of night school in Spanish:

night school

clases nocturnas, n.


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    clases nocturnas feminine
    • Although I did not leave school and join politics, I believed in social service and started a night school in a slum at the sea front, and ran it for several years.
    • I felt like I was in a night school for immigrants trying to learn enough to become citizens.
    • So he went back to the books, attended night school, and graduated in law from Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 1956.
    • During that time, he went to night school at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he studied government and politics.
    • In addition to being a cookery trainee, I did two evenings at night school to add to my academic qualifications.
    • Born in Mossenberg, he completed an apprenticeship as a salesman, completing his high school exams at night school.
    • He is now attending a night school, grabbing every minute possible to prepare for the entrance examination to be held in ‘black July.’
    • Meanwhile, Paula teaches a night school creative writing class, but winds up paying more attention to the dark, mysterious James Dean type in her class
    • I have always wanted to be an actress, but for the first 6 months that I have been in New York, I worked as a Mathematics teacher at a night school.
    • She had made up her mind, that for the past few years she had taught herself how to work at a computer, was considering going to a night school, and they talked about safe places for her to go.
    • He earned the money to do so by teaching at a night school for miners.
    • Restless, he decided to go to night school to get a high school education, and he then gained acceptance for teacher training.
    • In 1903, as the only black principal in the city, he started an adult night school to equip blacks for the harshness of city life.
    • I've thought about starting a for-profit night school or continuing-education school.
    • He also went to night school and graduated from high school six months early, all so he could go racing.
    • Afterwards, to get my degree, I finished another two years with night school and summer school.
    • But the night school's manager and a member of its finance committee dismissed the charges, saying the allegations were politically motivated.
    • He plays a put-upon bank clerk responsible for putting truckloads of cash in the safe every night; but he's also a samba enthusiast, teaching Latin dance at a local night school.
    • It appears that the first corporate university was created in the United States in the 1920s by General Motors when it acquired a night school that trained workers from the automobile industry.
    • She used to attend the village night school when Barefoot College introduced the Bal Sansad, or the Children's Parliament.